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Automated ULD container unloader for airports

The Automated Container Unloader is a fully automated system for unloading bags from ULDs with minimal operator intervention.

Automated Container Unloader for Airports

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Fully automated system for unloading bags

The Automated Container Unloader practically eliminates manual handling of arrival baggage packed in ULD containers.
By automating the ULD unloading procedure, airport baggage handlers can significantly enhance their efficiency and throughput to streamline operations and reduce the time required to process inbound/arrival baggage.
This advanced system empowers baggage handlers to focus their efforts on other critical tasks, while ensuring that baggage is swiftly and accurately unloaded from ULD containers with minimal manual intervention.


  • Eliminates manual handling
  • Fully automated process increases security
  • Improves workplace safety and ergonomics
  • Reduces overall manpower
  • Minimal operator training required


Our Automated Container Unloading system streamlines the baggage unloading process and minimises the need for operator intervention while maximising productivity. By leveraging automation technology and innovative design, our Automated ULD Container Unloader ensures that bags are efficiently removed from ULDs with precision and speed.

Seamless Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing baggage handling systems, our Automated Container Unloader can be easily customised to meet the specific requirements of any airport environment. Whether unloading bags from ULDs for sorting, transfer, or arrival bag delivery, our system optimises throughput.

Minimal Operator Intervention

With minimal operator intervention required, the Automated Container Unloader enhances operational efficiency and reduces labor costs. By automating the unloading process, airports can streamline their operations and allocate resources more effectively, ultimately improving overall productivity and performance.

Advanced Technology

Powered by advanced technology and intelligent controls, the container unloader for airports delivers consistent and reliable performance in even the most demanding environments. From automated bag recognition to precise unloading procedures, every aspect of the system is optimised for efficiency, accuracy, and reliability.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is a top priority in airport operations, and our systems are designed with this in mind. Built-in safety features and protocols ensure that the unloading process of bags is conducted with the highest levels of safety and security, protecting both personnel and equipment from potential hazards.

Scalable Solutions

Whether operating in a regional airport or a major international hub, our Automated Container Unloader offers scalable solutions to meet the unique needs of any facility.
With customisable configurations and modular design, the system can be tailored to accommodate varying volumes of baggage and adapt to changing operational requirements over time.

Automated Container Handling System for transport of ULDs between destinations inside the airport.

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