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CrisBag® self bag drop

As passenger numbers increase, airports are looking for higher check-in efficiency combined with a reduction in operating cost. The CrisBag® self bag drop allows check-in staff to move away from providing routine one-to-one check-in and to focus on managing passenger interaction.

Tracking the bag drop

CrisBag® improves the overall performance of the Baggage Handling System (BHS) by delivering 100% tracking, traceability and conveyability. Self bag drop enables the airport to extend these benefits into the check-in process.

Within the BHS, each interface or transition increases the risk of bag tracking being missed and the bag being short shipped. Self bag drop loads each bag directly into a CrisBag tote and extends the efficiency of the CrisBag baggage handling system from check-in to destination.

The intuitive and fully automated bag drop simplifies and streamlines the check-in process for passengers and for the airport. As the passenger loads each bag directly into the CrisBag tote at check-in, it eliminates the need for conventional belt conveyor equipment and related bag jams.

  • Fully automated in the same footprint as conventional bag-drop units
  • Seamless integration of software controls from airports and airlines
  • Possibility for customisation simplifies branding and regulations
  • Minimal maintenance carried out by a single person
  • Simplicity of use increases passenger convenience

Do you have questions about CrisBag® Self Bag Drop?

Do you have questions about CrisBag® Self Bag Drop?

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