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Since 2018, we've been actively engaged in supporting BEAM, our independent startup company incubator in Berlin. Each year, BEAM aims to co-found three software-focused startups that provide solutions to critical logistics challenges.

The logistics startup company builder

Innovation is at the core of everything we do, and actively seeking out new approaches to industry challenges ensures that we’re able to be proactive and be the driver of change across the industries that we serve. Along with the company co-founders we always start with the same simple question: have we identified a unique opportunity that others don’t see?

This guides us towards identifying overlooked, market-changing opportunities that address critical logistics and intralogistics problems.

Our Startups

Seeking long-term success over short-term profits is very much the foundation of all activities at BEUMER Group. We apply this approach to all our relationships, and it’s no different with BEAMwe want to be a long-term partner, not a short-term accelerator. 

This means that we support BEAM and its portfolio of companies in bringing their products to our core markets to create tangible value for our customers.

revolutionising logistic systems

One of the many pioneering companies that we invest in is Codept. They offer a scalable integration platform that connects e-tailers to fulfillment and last-mile providers, whilst also streamlining onboarding processes for third-party logistics partners.

We also have Sparrow — a software startup specializing in spare parts management. They harness machine learning to efficiently reduce global stock levels through virtual spare parts pools, and increase accessibility for asset-intensive companies.

Additionally, another of our tech startups, Elara, offers a cloud-based application that simplifies manufacturing shop floor operations and reduces unplanned downtime.

Meanwhile, Holocene leverages AI to bring much-needed stability and predictability to volatile cross-border supply chains. They achieve this by transforming scattered instructions into actionable business rules, which are then utilized for automated shipment document verification.

The Future of Airport and CEP Operations

Within the aviation sector, Airsiders are dedicated to enhancing the end-to-end passenger experience, whilst creating new revenue streams for airports and airlines. Their solution facilitates seamless connections between airlines and enables virtual interline experiences for passengers.

In the field of courier, express, and parcel services, our incubator supports Countercheck, a company that works with leading brands to combat the surge of counterfeit goods. In collaboration, we’ve developed fully automated parcel detection software, ensuring thorough inspections and the removal of counterfeit items from circulation.

Ultimately, we partner with outstanding founders to develop innovative solutions to today’s real-world logistics problems, and every year we’re adding more and more startups to our already impressive roster.

Find out more about the companies that make up BEAM’s startup portfolio.

What is BEAM building in Berlin?

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