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Loading technology for goods handling

With decades of experience, the BEUMER Group is an expert in all aspects of loading technology. We plan, design, manufacture and assemble complete loading systems for trucks, ships and trains. The heart of any loading system is the machine which performs the loading operation itself. This machine is pivotal in ensuring reliable and efficient loading of transport vehicles and should provide both optimum performance and ease of use. Our systems can handle almost any kind of material or product, we are particularly strong in the handling of bulk and bagged goods, which can present unique challenges for loading systems.

Individual machines and complete systems

We offer solutions for all kinds of goods, whether loose or packaged, for various modes of transportation including trucks, trains as well as ships and boats.

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Railway and Train Loading

Wagon Unloading

Bulk Loading Heads

Ship Loader

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Continuous Ship Unloaders

Loading bulk goods for transport in vehicles

Building materials, coal, grain, animal feed, minerals or even chemical products are usually transported from the production site to processing plants or directly to the customer. For this purpose, the bulk materials are filled into the respective vehicles. The loading system is designed to handle the particular goods to be loaded so that they can be transported safely. Key parameters considered in this case are the bulk weight, the temperature of the product and the flow behaviour. The loading equipment is then designed with the appropriate loading capacity, weight and volume control and components for dust-free and eco-friendly operation. Automated control of loading processes improves the efficiency of a modern filling unit. We will find the right solution for you – from individual units to complete material flow systems. We invest in the continuous development of our products and are always improving uptimes and the service lives of our technology.

Bulk loading heads for fast and dust-free loading

Bulk loading heads work well together with silo vehicles to enable fast, dust-free loading. This is achieved by keeping the material flow separate from the de-dusting system. This clean operation can be provided via a central de-dusting air system or an integrated compressed air filter. This is independent of a central system and returns the extracted dust to the material flow. Level indicators halt the loading process when the desired fill level is reached, and a truck scale monitors the weight. At the end of the loading process, a vibration motor shakes off any bulk material still clinging to the truck. Thus, every gram of product is loaded and the vehicles remain clean. For higher loading capacities, as in the cement industry, mobile or articulating conveyors with up to two bulk loading heads are used.

Loading systems for multiple means of transportation

Telescopic loading systems keep loading areas dust-free and clean, which is important for open vehicles. The bulk loading head first moves down to the floor of the vehicle. A fill level sensor automatically regulates the elevation. The dust collector remains on “top” of the load during the entire filling process and prevents dust from being circulated. In addition to trucks, train cars are also used for transporting bulk goods over land. In railway wagon loading systems, telescopic loading technology is also used to fill the freight cars with clinker and other minerals in a dust-free manner. On-track scales measure the volume and the total weight of the freight wagon. Ships are used for transporting bulk materials overseas. Belt conveyors and vertical telescopic pipes are most often used for loading. In consideration of the environment, the loading machines can be designed to be completely sealed to prevent the exchange of dust with the surrounding environment.

Easy bag transfer with loading head

We have the patent! A bag loader, a machine for transferring bags with a loading head for loading and unloading trucks and freight cars with ease – partially or fully automated. The device can be adjusted on 3 axes and is capable of distributing bags evenly to save space and ensure transport safety. The complete system consists of bag transfer equipment, devices for cleaning bags and quality checks for rejecting broken bags, as well as a system interface. This design has been in operation for many years now.

The automatic loading and palletising machine – BEUMER autopac®

Two tasks – one machine. The fully automated BEUMER autopac® loads and palletises bags smoothly and effectively. With a capacity of 2,400 to 3,000 bags per hour, it reliably loads trucks and railway wagons with cement, fertilisers and other bagged goods. Built for heavy-duty operation, the automatic loader and palletiser impresses with its small footprint, easy maintenance and reliable operation. Extremely low energy consumption reduces the environmental impact and keeps CO2 emissions to a minimum.

As one of the leading suppliers, FAM Minerals & Mining GmbH offers machines along the complete transport chain for bulk materials.
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