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The U-shape conveyor: Reliable transport in U-shape

Does your mining operation face high mass flows, tight curve radii, and limited space? Perfect. These are precisely the conditions our U-shape conveyor loves. It combines the advantages of troughed- and tube belt systems, can master all distances, and even demanding topography. The U-shape conveyor from BEUMER is the top pick for mining operations, cement industry sites, and port terminals with challenging transportation routes.

The U-shape conveyor: What is it?

The U-shaped conveyor, formed into a “U” thanks to special carrier rollers. A U-shape conveyor is capable of transporting both fine and coarse bulk material. It prevents material loss during bulk material transport and thus protects the environment from contamination. The U-conveyor is particularly suited for transporting raw materials in areas that don’t allow for the space a troughed belt system would need. Additionally, a U-shape conveyor is ideally suited if fine bulk materials are conveyed in a higher volume than tube conveying allows. Also, a U-shape conveyor can be combined to achieve greater overall productivity.


  • Combination of U-conveyor with pipe conveyor
  • Combination of U-conveyor with troughed belt conveyor
  • Conversion from pipe conveyor to U-conveyor possible

Combination #1: Pipe- + U-Shape conveyor = P-U conveyor

The P-U conveyor combines a pipe conveyor and a U-shape conveyor. The U-shape conveyor belt runs in the upper run, and the profile in tubular form remains in the lower run. This combination makes it possible to transport coarser materials and avoid material loss while being a very space-efficient solution. What about its performance, you ask? Here are some compelling numbers: A tubular belt system with a diameter of 150 millimetres and a corresponding belt width of 600 millimetres achieves a transport capacity of 100 cubic metres per hour. The P-U combination moves 170 cubic metres in 60 minutes with the same belt width, thus achieving 70% more output.

Combination #2: Troughed- + U-shape conveyor = T-U conveyor

T-U conveyors are perfect when the high mass flow of troughed belt conveying needs to be routed through tight curve radii and narrow sections. The combination of a troughed and a U-shape conveyor allows the troughed belt shape to be used in straight sections and the form of a U-profile to be used for curved areas or tunnels. The troughed conveyor transports 500 tonnes of material per hour with a belt width of 650 millimetres, and the T-U conveyor achieves the same performance while saving 150 millimetres of space.

Converting a Pipe conveyor to a U-shaped conveyor Belt

Your company is growing, and you need higher capacities quick? No problem. We can convert your belt conveyor to a U-shape conveyor and even install specialised covers. Alternatively, we can prepare for this conversion at your request during the planning and installation of your regular tubular belt conveyor. This will ensure a faster conversion is possible whenever a U-shape conveyor is needed in the future. By the way, the converted belt system will retain its slim design and curve mobility.

Customer Support for U-shape conveyors

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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