Sustainability made different

Our products and technologies carrying BEUMER Group's "made different" seal are characterised by their sustainability, based on their economic, environmental, and social performance.

Measure us based on our values

Sustainability has to be measurable. That’s why we have introduced the BEUMER Sustainability Index – a consistent validation system for all our products.

Each of the three areas – economic, environmental, and social – is evaluated in five categories where a rating of 1 – 5 points is assigned. The totals are entered clockwise in the respective circle. The closer they are at the vertical ideal line, the higher is their sustainability factor.

Economic commitment

Economy is the area entrepreneurs are most familiar with, at least at first glance. After all, economic performance, market presence, financial opportunities and risks are known quantities. But our products and systems only become sustainable in economic terms if we orient them and the associated production processes along long-term customer benefits.

  • Cost efficiency
  • Lifelong cycle
  • Operating and maintenance costs
  • Energy consumption during operation
  • Efficient and sustainable customer support

Environmental commitment

Companies that want to continue manufacturing in the future must create the necessary conditions today. Scarce resources must be used cautiously. All efforts must be directed towards continuously reducing energy consumption in the production cycle and in ongoing plant operations. We minimise waste and emissions and optimise all our transport routes and packaging.

  • Production-based resource consumption
  • Production-based energy consumption
  • Operations-based energy consumption
  • Materials consumption, waste, emissions from operations
  • Packaging, transportation, disassembly, disposal

Social commitment

In the trend towards globalisation in recent years, local social commitment from companies was frequently considered as an obstacle and employees as mere cost factors. We think that this is wrong. No company acts in a vacuum. Long-term market success is only possible if social factors such as health, occupational and product safety, as well as employment and manufacturing conditions, are favourable. This correlation is reflected in our products.

  • Customer benefits: occupational health and safety
  • Training and education standards
  • Health and safety standards
  • Working conditions
  • Development impulses for the region

The area values are added to arrive at the total value, which in turn determines the level to which a product is assigned (see table above). If a product is rated “improvable,” it is subjected to a re-engineering process in order to move up to a higher level.

VDMA initiative pack4sustainability

Feel free to visit the knowledge portal of the VDMA initiative pack4sustainability. There you will find information about packaging and sustainability. As an association of the food processing and packaging machinery industry they deal with all types of packaging and packaging technologies. Due to the current social debate, they are initially focusing on plastic packaging and would like to make an objective contribution to the discussion.