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BG Parcel Belt Conveyor system for logistics businesses

The BG Parcel Belt Conveyor System is a fast, easy and cost-effective sortation system for handling a wide variety of items from packages to polybags. BEUMER Group’s parcel conveyor belt solution guarantees seamless handling of goods by merging the expertise of cost-effective conveying with reliable operational performance, a very low need for maintenance and minimal power consumption.

Parcel Belt Conveyor

a parcel conveyor that is Flexible, reliable and cost-effective

The BG Parcel Belt conveyor seamlessly blends the efficiency of cost-effective parcel and other item conveying with proven operational performance, easy maintenance, and minimal power usage.

Its modular design, which combines standard modules with customisable features like belt width, efficient drives, and adjustable incline, ensures a swift, straightforward and economical handling system for a wide range of items, from parcels to polybags.

For added versatility, the belt conveyor system’s standard modules for drive, middle, transfer, and end sections can be paired with standard support and suspension structures, allowing for floor or ceiling mounting. This modular approach expedites assembly and gives  a robust, reliable, and quiet system that requires a very low number of spare parts.


The best parcel conveyor belts for every requirement

Featuring the ability to adjust inclines up to 20°, the conveyor belt system accommodates vulcanised belts or belts with mechanical connections. Equipped with anti-slip structures, the belts prevent item slippage on inclined sections, ensuring secure handling and transportation.

Save power while transporting packages

To minimise power consumption, the BG Parcel Belt conveyor system uses low-friction belt positioners, tensioning systems and an optimised drive system – all with  intelligent systems control.

  • Cost-effective, reliable transport for packages, small components and polybags
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast, cost-effective installation
  • Easy, low-cost maintenance
  • High quality assures safe and quiet operation

Customer Support for Parcel Belt Conveyors

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

  • Customer Care
  • Parts Logistics
  • Hotline Support
  • Residential Service
  • Training and Qualification
  • Modernisation
Cost-effective, reliable conveying of packages, small parcels and polybags.

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We have a broad product offering and build complete systems in addition to individual components. Together with you we will find the right solution for your unique requirements.

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