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About us

We are an international leader in the design and manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation, and distribution. With 5,600 employees worldwide, we generate an annual order intake of around 1,25 billion euros. Founded in 1935, we are an independent, family-owned business in the 3rd generation.

Made different

“Made different” is more than just a buzzword at the BEUMER Group. It’s a corporate philosophy that lets us do what makes sense and not what’s trendy right now. At the center of our philosophy, unlike many short-term profit oriented listed corporations, is the long-term perspective.

This approach forms the basis for our leadership in quality, sustainability and innovation. It is the driving force behind a corporate culture defined by motivation, trust and loyalty to and among employees. All of this is only possible because we have preserved ourselves over three generations: our independence.

As a family business, we can focus on the long-term business success and develop strategies that pay off in the long term. Be it research and development, personnel policy, corporate strategy, customer service or product quality – the advantages that result from our long-term thinking are visible everywhere in the BEUMER Group.

Even in times when for many only the quick profit counts, we remain true to our motto: “We are looking for the long-term success and not for the short-term profit.”

That is what distinguishes the BEUMER Group. That is “made different”.

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We are looking for the long-term success and not for the short-term profit.

Dr. Christoph Beumer
Owner and Family member, BEUMER Group

Long-term success requires sustainability

To achieve long-term success, a company needs sustainable development and reliable partnerships. This requires trust and solid core values.

Responsibility for products …
These values guide us in our efforts to continually and sustainably improve our products, processes, and organisation. Our pursuit of quality leadership leads to outstanding performance in our work, processes, products, services, and in the quality of our customers’ results.

… and the environment
For us, sustainability means a balance between environmental sensitivity, economic success, and social responsibility. Energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and safe production and product design are just as important as avoiding accidents and health risks.

Measurable sustainability

For us, the concept of sustainability is a core value. As a result, we make it a point to systematically measure the sustainability of our products on an ongoing basis. We use the BEUMER Sustainability Index, a point-based validation system, to rate the sustainability of our products in three areas: economics, the environment, and social responsibility. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), for instance, is one of the economic factors. Environmental factors include energy-saving operations and production that conserves resources, while ergonomic man-machine interfaces play a role in the social factors.

Our core values

  • We apply the highest ethical standards towards our customers, business partners, employees, and the community. We value different cultures in our global group as a learning experience and try to build a working environment where everybody respects one’s uniqueness.

Facts and figures

  • Founded in 1935
  • 5,600 employees
  • Annual order intake of around EUR 1,25 billion
  • Representatives in more than 70 countries worldwide