Quality, health, safety and environment policy

According to the five core values of our company – integrity and ethics, customer focus, quality and innovation, teamwork, sustainability – we are committed to the highest quality standards and to sustainable business development.

We know that only continuously improvement of our products, processes and organisation will ensure long-term success for all of us. Our pursuit of quality leadership drives us to deliver excellent performance in terms of our work, our technologies, products, services and the quality of the results that our customers get. Innovation fuels our future and is the basis for cost-efficient technological leadership which creates genuine added value for our stakeholders.

We are aware of our responsibility for people, products and the environment.
Our definition of sustainability is the balance between ecological demand, economic success and social responsibility. We meet these targets by:

  • identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities for our business and organisation in order to derive targets for the development of our products, processes, working and environmental conditions,
  • evaluating, updating and developing our targets and the performance of our management systems continuously,
  • making our products energy-efficient and environmentally friendly,
  • offering our customers future-oriented and sustainable technologies,
  • improving our products, processes and working conditions continuously,
  • providing our employees a safe working environment,
  • taking preventive measures to avoid work-related injuries and illnesses,
  • minimising risks and eliminating identified hazards,
  • gathering feedback from our employees to involve them in the development of our company,
  • complying with legal and other requirements and own specifications,
  • sharing this policy with our employees and interested parties.

We are innovative, trustworthy and transparent and act according to international quality, environmental, occupational health and safety norms and standards.

Beckum, 20.01.2023

Rudolf Hausladen