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Less Touch and Lower Cost Multi-Use Sortation

Every touch of an item incurs costs and to add to the pain, many distribution centres are short of space to handle the increasing number of e-commerce items. The BG Pouch System can be installed in unused overhead space where single items can be buffered, sorted and sequenced to automate the order handling and returns processes. With a capacity of over 10,000 items/hour and its vast combination of benefits, logistics operators can achieve handling with very few manual item touches. The result is a higher throughput and very little use of floor-space.

BG Pouch System - Item sortation and sequencing

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Extend Item Handling Capabilities

Flexible automation is a common denominator with the BG Pouch System. The system enables processes such as regular sorting after picking, batch sortation and intermediate storage handling of returned items to be completed with less manual handling.

A fulfillment or distribution centre can flatten its handling peaks by using the pouch system for predictive picking of items before the days of peak demand. In this process, items which are pre-picked before a promotion or sale can be buffered individually in pouches inside the system, making the dynamic buffer work as a scalable interim storage.

In addition to the increased handling efficiency, the operational cost is also reduced for sortation and returns handling.


Reverse Logistics: Extend Item Handling Capabilities

The BG Pouch System is a single multi-purpose system for buffering, sorting, sequencing and returns handling. The system offers a more flexible automation process which enables reverse item handling to be completed with less manual handling.

To ease the handling of items in the returns process, each returned item is placed directly into a pouch rather than into regular storage. This means that the pouch system is used as an intermediate buffer for items which are most likely to be re-sold according to data from the Warehouse Management System (WMS). Items which are not sold after a few days can be returned easily to shelf storage as part of an automatic housekeeping process which is run during low throughput periods.

  • System installed in unused overhead space
  • Minimal touch for item returns handling
  • Dynamic and intermediate item buffer
  • Up to a 30% saving in floor space
The BG Pouch System enables logistics operators to achieve handling with very few manual item touches, a higher throughput and very little use of floor-space.

Customer Support for the Pouch Systems

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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