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Mobile conveyor belts for maximum efficacy in mining

Mobile conveyor belts help with one of mining's most significant challenges that's rooted in the process of extracting ores, coal, and rocks from the ground: While excavating raw materials on-site in a mine or a quarry, the distance from the point of excavation to the overland conveyor increases with every cubic ton that's mined. Moving the raw materials across the excavation site by truck is costly, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous to the miners. However, mobile conveyor belts can be adapted to the ever-changing on-site requirements by adding or removing individual modules, thus allowing for safer, more efficient transportation.

Advantages of mobile conveyor belts in mining

Mobile conveyor belts are convenient and reduce operating costs

The main reason for the reduction of operating costs by mobile conveyor belts is their flexibility. They can be adapted to any change in the mining sites’ requirements and allow for the flexible displacement of heavy machinery whenever needed. Furthermore, modern mobile conveyor belts will improve the seamless liaison between excavation machines and overland haulage. Also, they can reduce the need for transportation equipment on-site, thus reducing production costs even further.

Mobile conveyor belts can increase labour safety on site

The flexible efficiency improvement of mining operations through mobile conveyor belts can eliminate workarounds that would need to be found with fixed systems and can thus reduce labour intensity and the danger of accidents.

Mobile conveyor belts contribute to making  mining less environmentally harmful

Less transportation equipment on-site and greater efficiency lead to improved energy consumption per mined metric ton. While this is not yet optimal, it is undoubtedly more beneficial to the environment than traditional mining methods.


  • Adapted to any change in the mining sites' requirements
  • Improves the seamless liaison between excavation machines and overland haulage
  • Improved energy consumption per mined metric ton

Mobile conveyor belt solutions from Beumer

We develop tailor-made end-to-end solutions for the most efficient haulage of bulk material using the following mobile conveyor systems:

Mobile conveyor belt bridges

Mobile conveyor belt bridges do precisely what their name suggests. These portable conveyor systems flexibly bridge the gap between the excavation site and the bench conveyors. Their modular design makes them indispensable on-site; they increase the miners’ operating range and connect bench conveyors of different heights.

Mobile transfer conveyor belts

Mobile transfer conveyor belts are the primary elements to effectively minimize operating costs in open pits. They are often compact and easily relocatable, designed as a portable conveyor belt – an advantage that perfectly responds to the ever-increasing distances between the mining machinery and the adjacent haulage system in a mining operation.

Mobile belt wagons

Mobile belt wagons are probably the most versatile equipment miners can use in open-pit mining. Thanks to customizable boom configurations, they can respond to almost any mining operation’s demands. They can be driven around on the mining site thanks to caterpillar drives, and a state-of-the-art controlling system perfectly syncs them to any on-site haulage system.

Mobile reclaim conveyors

Mobile reclaim conveyors reduce the requirement for cost-intensive stacker systems. They allow miners to directly reclaim raw materials from bucket wheel reclaimers and send them on their way onto the overland conveyors. Furthermore, they can be used as a mobile emergency backup for an existing reclaiming system. Also, they eliminate the need for excavators, wheel loaders, or trucks to move material and thus significantly reduce the operating costs of open-pit systems.

Customer Support for Mobile Conveyors

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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