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Robot palletising with the BEUMER robotpac® system

The BEUMER robotpac® system sets the standard in robot palletising – our technology palletises and depalletises any package. Thanks to our specially developed sector- and task-specific gripping elements, a BEUMER robot palletiser is the modular solution for packing your bagged goods, cartons, boxes, crates and canisters onto pallets carefully and quickly with its articulated arm. The robot palletisers' adaptation control ensures a continuous and smooth workflow on all production lines, even when things get more complex with changing goods and packing patterns. Discover BEUMER robotpac® robot palletising system for your palletising process.

Beumer robotpac Robot Palletiser

Innovative robot palletising technology

The BEUMER robotpac® robot palletising system is renowned for its energy efficiency and outstanding accuracy, even in the most confined spaces. Our robot palletising system can batch process bagged products and be reconfigured easily for frequent product changes. When equipped with an additional travel axle and an integrated motor connected to its control system, the robot palletiser can even travel freely on a rail. This increases every robot palletising system’s operational reach and radius.

The BEUMER robotpac® robot palletising system at a glance

  • High flexibility for complex tasks
  • Compact design with a small footprint
  • Up to 1,900 units per hour, depending on the model

Our robot palletising gripper solutions for maximum flexibility

Any palletising robot arm in our BEUMER robotpac® system can be equipped with various grippers. These are designed to ensure maximum flexibility while meeting all capacity requirements. Additionally, we can propose configurations for stacking packages into gaps from above, which allows for loading units with different dimensions on the same pallet.

Fork gripper

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Fork Gripper

Is your robot palletising system supposed to handle bagged goods and cardboard boxes? If so, BEUMER has you covered. Our fork gripper grasps all your items firmly, carefully handling and precisely depositing them. This gripping solution processes up to 600 bags per hour.

Double fork gripper

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Double Fork Gripper

Do you want to expand your bag palletising robot’s application area? If so, this powerful double fork system is your solution. It stacks cardboard boxes and up to 900 bags per hour by moving two loads per travel path, for example.

Finger gripper

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Finger Gripper

This is a high-performance tool if you want your robot palletising system to handle shape-retaining bags. The tool can palletise up to 1,200 bags per hour.

Double-finger gripper

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Double Finger Gripper

If more shape-retaining bags need to be palletised, this is the equipment of choice. Thanks to the double-finger gripper, your robot palletising machine will palletise up to 1,900 bags per hour.

Pallet gripper

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Palett Gripper

Installing this system on your robot palletising machine enables the automatic feeding of empty pallets without additional pallet conveyors.

Suction pad

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Suction Gripper

Do you have items with absorbent surfaces? No problem – we can equip your palletising robot with a suction pad. It can stack up to 400 units without damaging the product.

Parallel gripper

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Parallel Gripper

This is the ideal pick for robot palletising shape-retaining packs with parallel side walls (i.e. palletising cartons). The gripper can stack up to 600 cartons per hour on pallets.

Custom gripper design

robotpac® Robot Palletiser - Special Gripper

Do you need a very special system? No problem – we can develop a gripping system for your robot palletising requirements and performance features.

Barcode system for fast allocation

Barcodes for Robot Palletisers

Our barcode system for robot palletisers identifies all the goods you want to handle with your robot palletising system and considers all the important information like product designation, packing patterns, special handling, stock and date of manufacture. Our system is available as a conventional barcode system or an RFID system. Both systems increase network security in automation.

Customer Support for Robot Palletisers

Competent engineering, fast and reliable on-site service as well as optimal spare parts supply round out our offering and ensure high reliability of the systems.

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  • Parts Logistics
  • Hotline Support
  • Residential Service
  • Training and Qualification
  • Modernisation

Other palletising solutions

We have a broad product offering and build complete systems in addition to individual components. Together with you we will find the right solution for your unique requirements.

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