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Filling technology for free-flowing bulk goods

The round peg must fit into the square hole! Or how does cement actually get packed into the cement sack? With the help of free-flow technology. Not only is mortar, plaster and cement poured into sacks. Free-flow filling systems are also used for building materials, chemical and mineral industries also pour free-flowing bulk goods into receptacles. Powerful filling systems help to pack the substances in large quantities. We, the BEUMER Group, guarantee reliable filling machines based on decades of experience, which we are constantly developing further - in Germany and also worldwide.

A brief overview of the filling materials

The current range of services of our filling technology includes building materials and minerals such as cement, mortar, lime, shell lime, quicklime, hydrated lime, anhydrite, plaster, chemical products such as S-PVC, polymers (PP, PE) and fertilizers. Is your product absent from our list? We are constantly developing our portfolio and will happily work with you to find a solution.

Now let’s take a look at the different filling systems.

Form-fill-seal system – multitasking for the chemical industry

In chemical companies, special packaging solutions are required. The unusual flow behavior of the products and high temperatures make innovative filling techniques a necessity. Therefore, BEUMER in close cooperation with the manufacturers have developed the BEUMER fillpac® FFS. With this filling technology the sacks are first shaped to match the product. Before the filling process even starts, an integrated scale ensures that only the correct amount is filled, the machine then seals the sack. An added bonus to this system is its space-saving design.

  • fillpac FFS

    BEUMER fillpac® FFS

    BEUMER fillpac® FFS forms bags from prefabricated PE tubular film and fills them both reliably and carefully. The bags are then automatically sealed.

High output volume? No problem for our rotary filling machines

Up to 6,000 sacks per hour – rotary filling machines are designed for high performance. The filling modules are arranged in a circle similar to an advertising column. Up to 240 tons of granular products pour into the sacks via the modules. Depending on the material properties, turbine or air packers are used. Cement, plaster and lime are fine-grained and free-flowing substances. Air packers are suitable machines for free-flowing, coarse-grained materials such as mortar and screed. Rotary air filling machines also stand out because of their electronically controlled filling system which guarantees weight accuracy.

Inline filling machines – efficient with a lower output of goods

Inline filling machines – efficient for a smaller product output. The filling nozzles are arranged in a line, in the in-line filling machines. This means it is easy to maintain. With this filling technology, up to 1,200 sacks can be filled in an hour. In order to create a dust-free packaging process, the entire system including the sealing system and control technology can be constructed in one building. This also reduces the space required for filling. Turbine in-line filling machines use motor-driven paddle wheels for filling. By using this method the material flow is constantly controlled and the product is optimally compacted. There are also in-line air filling machines, which dilute the bulk material with air. This achieves physical properties comparable to liquids and ensures precise filling.

With an automatic sack applicator, filling is even faster

By integrating our automatic sack applicator into your filling system you will experience an even further boost to productivity. Plastic and paper sacks are fed to the filling machines totally automatically. The BEUMER sack applicator will handle different types and sizes of sacks without any problems. The most up to date control technology guarantees high process stability. It goes without saying that deeply anchored in the BEUMER Group’s philosophy for our filling technology are low operating costs and low-maintenance designs.

Loading Technology

Once your materials and goods have been palletised, they need to be loaded. We offer solutions for all kinds of goods, whether loose or packaged, for various modes of transportation including trucks, trains as well as ships and boats.

Bulk Loading Heads

Ship Loader

Railway and Train Loading



Bag Loader