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Stockyard Systems

Efficient Machines for Optimal Storage Management

Stockyard Technology

Storage and homogenization of various bulk materials is a significant part of the handling processes within the overall logistic networks of the bulk material processing industry.

Dynamic and efficient handling requires the stockyards to be equipped with appropriate technology (e.g., stackers, reclaimers, conveyor systems, etc.).

Our product line of stockyard technology encompasses conveying systems, stackers and scrapers of various types, as well as bucket wheel machines.

  • Semi-portal Scrapers

    In the FAM designed semi-portal scrapers, the portal spans a stockpile that has a lateral or peripheral retaining wall.
  • Portal Scrapers

    The portal of an FAM portal scraper fully spans the stockpile. It rests on two opposite undercarriages.
  • Side Scrapers

    Side scrapers consist of a scraper boom that can be raised and lowered, a counterweighted base frame, and a rail-mounted undercarriage.
  • Slewing Scrapers

    The design of FAM slewing scrapers resembles the design of side scrapers. However, the scraper boom is connected with the slewing gear platform ...


Bulky storage systems store, buffer, mix and homogenize raw materials for the cement industry. The required storage capacity and the flow rate determine the design as a longitudinal storage or circular storage. A mixing bed is used to optimally mix raw materials and store them temporarily. Both outdoors and in halls, a spreader builds up the mound in such a way that as many layers of the same material as possible are created. With the aid of a bridge scraper, the maximum mixing effect is achieved. In a coal store, mixing also takes place in a longitudinal or circular store.

  • Stackers

    Our stacking machines are primarily used to fill bulk materials into stockpiles or to create various types of blending beds ...
  • Stacker Reclaimers

    When stockpiling operations require stacking and reclaiming to be performed at the same time, separate machines are absolutely necessary ...
  • Circular Stacker-Reclaimers

    In “endless” circular stockyards, the material is stored in a circle, or also referred to as a ring stockpile.
  • Bridge-type Reclaimers

    Bridge-type reclaimers are exclusively employed in face reclamation. The face reclamation has been found to be especially suitable for blending beds.
  • Bucket Wheel Reclaimers

    Bucket wheel reclaimers are used in stockyards dealing with large masses of poorly flowing or extremely heavy bulk materials.
  • Coal Blending Bed

    Coal Pile

    Longitudinal or circular stockpiles are used to mix or homogenise raw materials such as coal.
  • Storage Blending Bed

    Blending Bed

    A blending bed is used for storage and homogenisation of raw materials such as limestone, clay, coal or mixtures of other bulk materials.

Consulting and management

Over the years we have gained extensive knowledge and experience, which we are happy to share with our customers in the form of consultations and training.

Our advisory services aim to enhance the availability and efficiency of the systems in close cooperation with our customers. This includes, for example, holistic optimization of machines and plants which helps reduce energy, spare parts, operating and human resource costs.

As a result, our customers benefit from suggestions for improvement and recommendations for the plant management, as well as from feasibility studies for upgrades and modernizations.

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