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The Baggage Loader is a simple device to help reduce manual lifting of in-gauge bags in the airport's baggage make-up area.

The use of a Baggage Loader enables safe and efficient loading of bags into Unit Load Devices (ULD) and other baggage containers. After loading, the containers can be seamlessly transported using an automated container unloader, enhancing overall operational efficiency and reducing physical strain on airport personnel.

Baggage Loader for Airports

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Lift the baggage load

During the baggage make-up process, baggage handlers must typically lift every item of baggage from a conveyor and transfer it manually into a ULD container or trolley.

Our Baggage Loader, however, eliminates the heavy lifting to minimise the manual handling as well as the risk of damage to baggage. 

The Baggage Loader is easily integrated into existing baggage handling systems and can significantly improve the efficiency and the quality of the baggage handling process in the airport.


  • Optimizes the baggage handling process
  • Replaces lifting of bags with easy sliding on/off the loader ramp
  • Virtually eliminates heavy lifting
  • Reduces the risk of injury to operators
  • Minimal training needed
More about the Baggage Loader and how to reduce manual lifting of in-gauge bags in the airport's baggage make-up area.

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