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Baggage Handling Technology & Systems for Airports

The flexibility airports gain from an intelligently designed, high-speed baggage handling system can help improve their baggage handling efficiency and overall service towards airlines and passengers.


Complete and Individual Solutions for Airports

Beumer has a broad product offering in the airline industry, ranging from complete solutions to individual applications. Here is an overview of the products and solutions we offer, click to navigate to that section on this page.

Check-In & Reclaim Systems

Checking in is the first step before taking flight, and thus the first impression passengers make of an airport. Our solutions aim at making every step as pleasant and simple as possible, to start and end the journey off with a smile.

Software & Controls

The foundation of the Airport Software Suite is a set of proven, standard modules controlling the actual baggage handling system installation, the baggage flow as well as the overall management of system performance, optimisation and planning.

Conveyors, Sorters & Storage

State-of-the-art individual carrier system (ICS) solutions improve the efficiency, accuracy and traceability of baggage in airports

Do you have questions about Baggage Handling Technology?

Do you have questions about Baggage Handling Technology?

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