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Tilt-tray technology for baggage sortation

The extra baggage sortation capacity provided by a tilt-tray loop sorter system may be sufficient to cope with forecasts for increased passenger numbers in many airports.

In airports where a new terminal building is required, the tilt-tray system will be designed with a flexible layout to ensure that every cubic meter of baggage hall space is used to its full potential.

Tilt-tray sortation baggage handling

BEUMER Group’s tilt-tray loop sorter for airports is a specially designed, high-speed baggage sortation system to handle baggage items of various shapes and sizes. The design has proven to increase operational throughput without taking up precious floor space in the baggage hall and this extra capacity may be sufficient to cope with forecasts for increased passenger numbers without having to make a major investment in a new terminal building.

In projects where a new building is still required, the system design will still ensure that every cubic metre of space is used to its full potential. Equipped with an energy-efficient linear synchronous motor (LSM), the system reduces the overall PLCC substantially without sacrificing speed, capacity, and reliability. The extra operational advantage of applying the high-speed LSM to this type of system is that it eliminates contact between moving parts, providing minimal levels of wear and tear and an ultra-low noise level.


  • Highest possible utilization of capacity
  • Optimised integration into an existing facility and efficient use of available space
  • Power-saving efficiency with Linear Synchronous Motor (LSM)
  • Low product life-cycle costs
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