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Portal Scrapers

The portal of an FAM portal scraper fully spans the stockpile. It rests on two opposite undercarriages, allowing stockpiles of up to 75 m wide to be spanned. The scraper boom is moved by a hoist.

The bulk material is transferred to the discharge conveyor via a transfer trough (located outside the portal) or a feed table (inside the portal).

When used in outdoor stockyards, portal scrapers often have one or two main booms arranged in parallel. In their raised position, the booms extend beyond the contour of the portal.

Portal scrapers with main and auxiliary booms are deployed inside storage buildings.

In this type of construction, the booms do not extend beyond the contour of the portal in any position, so that the cross section of the warehouse can be largely adapted to the dimensions of the scraper´s portal.

The auxiliary boom has the task of feeding the material to the main boom so that the entire stockpile cross section can be continuously reclaimed. This ensures a very even flow of material during longitudinal reclaiming.


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