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Combined machines

When stockpiling operations require stacking and reclaiming to be performed at the same time, separate machines are absolutely necessary but in most cases simultaneous stacking and reclaiming do not need to be performed.

This is when our stacker-reclaimers, or also called combined machines, become an excellent solution because their functional principle combines both types of operation.

Similar to a regular stacker, the stacker-reclaimer is fed via an upstream tripper car. The bucket wheel remains in its rest position while the stockpile is being filled.

Because the boom of our stacker-reclaimer unit can be swiveled and its inclination is adjustable, it provides without restriction numerous stockpile building variations (cone-shell, strata, chevron and windrow).

The blending or pre-homogenization process within one storage facility is ensured by the combination of a specific type of stacking technology with a specific type of unloading technology.


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