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The CrisBag Self Bag Drop (SBD) solution offers passengers a convenient self-service alternative for independently checking baggage. With the CrisBag® self bag drop system, check-in staff can transition away from routine one-to-one check-ins and instead focus on managing passenger interactions.

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A CrisBag® system significantly enhances the overall performance of the baggage handling system (BHS) by ensuring 100% tracking, traceability, and conveyability of baggage.

By integrating the CrisBag self-service bag drop solution into the check-in process, airports can extend these baggage tracking benefits even further:

In conventional baggage handling systems, each interface or transition poses a risk of missed bag tracking and potential short shipping.

However, with the CrisBag Self Bag Drop, the individual bag is loaded directly into a CrisBag tote, minimising the risk of handling errors and streamlining the baggage process from check-in to make-up.

The intuitive and fully automated nature of the self bag drop solution simplifies and accelerates the baggage check-in process for both passengers and airports alike. 

By allowing passengers to load their bags directly into the CrisBag tote, the need for conventional belt conveyor equipment and the related bag jams is eliminated, reducing potential delays and improving overall baggage handling efficiency.

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  • Fully automated in the same footprint as conventional bag-drop units
  • Seamless integration of software controls from airports and airlines
  • Possibility for customisation simplifies branding and regulations
  • Minimal maintenance carried out by a single person
  • Simplicity of use increases passenger convenience



In the modern airport landscape, prioritising the passenger experience is crucial for both airports and airlines. The implementation of self-service bag drop systems is a great place to start

Simplified Baggage Check Process

Self bag drop systems streamline the baggage check-in process by enabling passengers to independently check their baggage. With intuitive interfaces and clear instructions, passengers can easily scan their boarding passes, attach baggage tags, and deposit each piece of luggage into the system. This self-service approach reduces the pressure on check-in staff and minimises waiting times while providing a seamless experience for travelers.

Efficiency and Reliability

By leveraging advanced BHS technology and automation, the CrisBag® Self Bag Drop solution ensures even more efficiency and reliability in the baggage handling operation. Each bag is accurately tracked and traced from the drop-off point and throughout the process, minimising the risk of handling errors and lost luggage.

Shorter Waiting Times for Passengers

Self bag drop systems offer passengers greater convenience and flexibility, allowing them to check their baggage at their own pace and convenience. This empowerment enhances overall passenger satisfaction and contributes to a positive airport experience. With shorter wait times and improved efficiency, travelers can focus on enjoying their journey rather than worrying about the check-in process.

Tailored to Your Needs

Whether deployed in busy international terminals or regional airports, the CrisBag® Self Bag Drop system can be customised to accommodate varying passenger volumes and operational requirements.

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