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CrisBag® tote-based baggage handling system

The CrisBag® tote-based independent carrier system for baggage handling delivers 100% tracking and traceability at every stage of the baggage handling process. Each item of baggage remains in the same individually-controlled tote throughout the complete baggage handling process from check-in, through screening, to early baggage storage (EBS) and transport to discharge.

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Designed for high speed and long distances

Individual Carrier Systems (ICS), like the CrisBag, can be designed to transport bags in carriers at high speeds over long distances. Storing early baggage is also no problem.

The combination of intelligent design and power to optimise the daily baggage operation means that airports can use this type of modular system design to deliver a lower cost per passenger/bag. The use of in-tote screening of hold baggage add an extra layer of tracking and security, in addition to higher passenger safety.

Each CrisBag system is tailor-made for the airport’s individual requirements and the modularity of the design offers a powerful scaling ability for growing airport operations.


  • Fast, safe and flexible baggage handling from check-in to discharge
  • 100% accurate track-and-trace of baggage at every stage of the handling process
  • Ultra-low energy consumption and maintenance cost
  • Compact and custom configuration for each airport using standard modules
  • No more bag jams due to straps or other bag specifics
  • Complies with TSA regulations and IATA 753

Baggage storage with CrisBag®

Line based baggage storage | Airport baggage handling

An automated baggage storage can improve the overall efficiency of a baggage handling system and a steady flow of baggage. No matter the type of storage, an early baggage (EBS) or a dynamic baggage storage (DBS), the storage will function as a baggage warehouse/hotel for long time storage and/or for batch building purposes.

A baggage storage will be designed to fit the airport building and the specific need for baggage handling capacity. The baggage storage can be a system with baggage stored in lanes, or a rack-based storage with a CrisStore® system, which paves the way for batch building and speed loading of baggage to further optimise space and use of the airport’s make-up area.

  • Dense packing in line configuration saves floor space
  • Batch-building for speed loading
  • Low storage cost per bag
  • High-speed storage and retrieval
  • Easy access for bag clearance and maintenance
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