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Bridge-type Reclaimers

FAM bridge-type reclaimers are exclusively employed in face reclamation. The face reclamation has been found to be especially suitable for blending beds which provide excellent homogenization of bulk materials.

The Ideal Solution for Homogenizing Bulk Materials

For face reclamation, mainly bridge-type machines with scraper chains or bucket wheels as reclaiming elements are used.

The supporting structure is formed by a bridge girder under which the scraper chain or bucket wheel is installed.

Harrow-type carriages with harrow arms are mounted on the bridge structure, on either one or both sides. Their shape is adapted to the cross-section of the stockpile.

A harrow located upstream from the reclaiming element travels back and forth to loosen the piled-up bulk solids. The loosened material falls by gravity to the foot of the stockpile where it is picked up and transferred to a belt conveyor for further transport. This technology produces a mass flow which is very uniform and also highly homogeneous.


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