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Baggage Manipulator

The Baggage Manipulator is a versatile solution designed to optimise baggage loading operations within airport facilities.

Our Baggage Manipulator is a highly efficient semi-automated loading device, enabling operators to swiftly load baggage into diverse containers like ULDs, trolleys, carts, all while prioritizing enhanced ergonomics for operator comfort.

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To optimise the baggage make-up process, a single operator can use the Baggage Manipulator to control an entire flow – or batch of bags – while loading into a dolly or container.

The Baggage Manipulator easily integrates into existing baggage handling systems and will enable shorter loading windows and a more controlled and faster form of handling baggage make-up.

The simple joystick controlled process significantly reduces the risk of injury to operators caused by repetitive or heavy lifting, and the added benefit ofless manual handling also reduces the risk of damage to baggage items.


  • Human interaction reduced to a minimum
  • Reduces the risk of lost or mislaid baggage
  • Eliminates heavy lifting
  • Easy handling of overweight bags
  • Low product life-cycle costs (PLCC)

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