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Training and Qualification

In business, training is critical to ensure maximum uptime. Regular training and further qualification of service and maintenance personnel is essential to maintain high system availability.

Training at your site

Our Training and Qualification normally take place at our customer’s site as we believe that customers get the most out of training in person with on-site systems. We can also conduct training at our premises if this is preferable. Our training is tailored to each customer’s need and the training agenda is designed in conjunction with the customer – this guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Our residential service programme includes:


  • Customised training solutions matching each individual machine or system
  • Highly-experienced trainers
  • Hands-on practical training
  • On-site training available
  • Real life examples to learn from

Target group

Training is suitable for maintenance crew, machine operators, new or experienced employees. Training can also be beneficial for customers with specialist requirements or for bridging the gap between different levels of skill and experience on site.

Why is training needed?

Training is important as it ensures that on-site staff are fully competent to operate the system in the optimum way. This in turn allows for an increase in efficiency of local production. New employees will also benefit as they will need training on system features, functions and safety. Additional training benefits include information on system upgrades where new software is implemented. Whether training involves keeping an engineer‘s knowledge up to date or bringing new employees up to a required level, training is available at basic through to advanced levels.

Trainer profile

Training and Qualification are led by BEUMER Group instructors with practical experience across all system ranges or experienced commissioners and hotline engineers with hands-on experience.

Scope of training

Four main areas will be covered in the training including electrical, mechanical, operational and controls. Other areas that will be covered include advanced machine handling and simulation of critical incidents as well as information on third-party systems. Our Training and Qualification takes a hands-on approach and is not just theoretical to ensure maximum learning potential as well as achieving a high health and safety standard. All training scenarios are based on previous cases handled by our Hotline.

Our deliverables

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible training to ensure they get the best from their BEUMER system as well as increase their knowledge and skills. We do this by providing extensive training materials and documentation and optional tests and examinations to provide professional evidence of improved competence with a diploma and certificate. In order to continuously improve our training offer we make use of evaluation schemes which helps us to offer our customers peace of mind and deliver the best possible service.

  • Exchange experiences with trainers and participants
  • Enhancing best practice for the customer maintenance team
  • Maximise system uptime
  • Confidence in handling diverse operational situations
  • Limit the likelihood for emergency situations

We are there for you!

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