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Automated handling of returns

Returns management can be a major competitive factor in ensuring the success of your e-commerce business. An efficient handling of returns may involve large amounts of SKUs and open boxes with items to be identified, checked, labelled, sorted and shipped back to the vendor or returned to storage. BEUMER Group offers numerous solutions for automating the handling of returns by utilising the capabilities of loop sorters.

  • BG Cross Belt Sorter

    BG Sorter CB Cross-Belt

    Cross-belt sorters handle all types of items and opens for the possibility to automate the handling of polybags and other types of packages.
  • BG Pouch System

    Multi-use item sortation system with a dynamic buffer that works as a scalable interim storage and as support for the picking process.

Fewer Touchpoints and Lower Cost in Reverse Logistics

In returns handling, the need for less handling or touching is particularly critical. Traditionally a great deal of all labour efforts in fulfillment and distribution are concentrated in the transportation of items inside the facility. To deal better with reverse logistics, a handling system like the BG Pouch System, can help drive down the expensive manual handling costs.

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