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Flexible packaging solutions for the chemical industry

End-of-line packaging plays a critical role in protecting your products. That is why BEUMER’s full range of packaging systems has been designed for high-quality end-of-line packaging results, cost control and reliable operation. Our powerful packaging machines combine the latest technology, highly advanced functional modules and a unique film handling system that efficiently meets the diverse demands that packaging products for shipment entails.

BEUMER stretch hood® for the chemical industry

The BEUMER stretch hood® systems offer better load stability, higher throughput, reduced film consumption and measurable energy savings Our flexible systems are designed for high throughput and energy efficiency.

  • Stretch Hood Packaging

    BEUMER stretch hood® A

    Flexibility and load stability in one: The film used by the BEUMER stretch hood® A allows different product sizes to be packaged on the same pallet.

Packaging system for chemical products

Whether you are dealing with plastic granulates, fertiliser, powder or other chemical substances, the BEUMER stretch hood® A high-performance packaging system brings everything under the film hood efficiently with minimum space requirements: it takes up only 13.7 m². The innovative film transport system guarantees safe and rapid tool changes straight from the floor. Optimised processes improve plant availability and reduce the number of film roll change cycles.


Advantages of the stretch hood method

  • Outstanding display effect
  • High throughput
  • Film printing possible
  • Easy to handle
  • High-bay-compatible packaging
  • No heat exposure, so film adhesion is not a possibility
  • Maximum load stability thanks to the combination of vertical and horizontal contracting forces of the film
  • High-flexibility film allows different product sizes to be packaged
  • Protects against environmental influences and direct access to products

Efficient packaging in a very small space

The BEUMER stretch hood® A high-performance packaging equipment has a footprint of only 13.7 m². The new, innovative film transport system also ensures safe, quick tool changeovers directly from the floor. Optimised sequences of movements increase the machine’s availability and reduce the downtime needed to change the film rolls. Since energy-efficient technology is used and air-cooling of the film sealing seam is unnecessary, the machine also excels with its very low operating costs.

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