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Customer Care

To make sure that we are always there when our customers need us, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive and flexible support program that adjusts to our customers’ individual requirements. Our worldwide service network ensures fast and reliable assistance, maximises operational security and helps reduce downtime.

Field service

To provide the best possible service, BEUMER Group can send a highly skilled technician to site for repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance, system checks and unexpected breakdowns. BEUMER Group technicians are part of a world-wide network and trained according to world-wide standards. To provide clarity and understanding, customers receive service reports about the current condition and status of their system(s), any activities performed during a visit and recommendations for future maintenance.

Our Customer Care programme includes:


  • Detailed on-site inspection
  • Recommendation on stock management
  • Determination of critical spares
  • System upgrades
  • Flexible warranty
  • Expertise provided from OEM

Technical support

BEUMER Group technical expertise is available in all locations worldwide and our team can provide advice on energy saving measures and system improvement, as well as remote support, stand-by and on-site support, especially during peak times when system uptime is most important.

Service contracts

Customers can expect regular, scheduled on-site service visits to check the system and our technician will make recommendations for suggested maintenance. As part of the service contract, customers are notified about any irregularities in their system. This pro-active approach maximises uptime and keeps systems healthy. If a customer’s system was acquired from an alternative equipment manufacturer, we can arrange a service visit by a technician from the original supplier.


We offer a flexible extension of the statutory BEUMER Group warranty obligation depending on our customers’ needs and our plans offer certainty and the ability to plan future operating costs. If a system is found to have defective components we repair and exchange these free of charge. After a system performance check we offer relevant adjustments to the existing warranty where necessary and for each warranty case we undertake a root-cause analysis to find the most efficient solution to prevent future recurrent issues. Our comprehensive warranty management scheme also including sub-suppliers.

Service tours

BEUMER Group continue to make customer satisfaction a top priority. In order to maintain positive relationships and excellent service standards, we regularly visit our customers worldwide through Service Tours. With these tours we provide support to maximise system operation through training and maintenance plans to increase the lifespan of their systems. Our scope of service does not only cover an inspection of the system itself but also an evaluation of any necessary spare parts. Our technicians also provide support for system upgrades and modernisation, not only for the operation of BEUMER Group systems but also apply their skills to optimise third party systems and components. Looking forward, we also discuss the future needs and demands of the system to keep the customers infrastructure running.

Safety check

All BEUMER Group systems undergo a safety check according to accident prevention regulations following the European regulation 89/655/EWG and other international principles. This check includes a risk assessment, functional check of safety devices and an update of the documentation. The BEUMER Group safety check ensures that BEUMER Group machines and systems meet the necessary legal requirements.

  • Increased productivity
  • Long-term optimisation strategies
  • Operation according to latest safety guidelines
  • Creation of a safe working environment
  • Long lifespan for the system

We are there for you!

In case you need urgent support, feel free to call our Customer Support Hotline:

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