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BEUMER autover® Independent Carrier System

The BEUMER autover® is an independent carrier system (ICS), in which the intelligent autoca® carrier, provides accurate, gentle and reliable baggage handling.

Autover ICS

Airports looking to securely transport single items of baggage over long distances within small and midsize terminals as well as inter-terminal connection would want to look at the BEUMER autover®.

The combination of the passive rail system, with multiple independent BEUMER autoca®, allows a single item of baggage to be securely transported at all times. The system can be configured in the smallest possible floor-space and still ensure fast and careful handling with delivery of each item of baggage to its correct destination.


  • Fast, flexible and safe baggage handling from check-in to screening and discharge
  • Reduces energy consumption by only using the required number of BEUMER autoca®
  • Allows for easy and cost-effective extension
  • Central service station for easy maintenance while system is in operation
  • autoca carriers handle various bag sizes, standard to OOG, as well as CrisBag® totes.
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