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Logistic Systems Technology

The investment in a new or upgraded material handling system is a major business decision. The system must not only ensure a fast return on that investment but also support the customer’s strategic business objectives now and into the future. That is why all BEUMER Group systems start with an intensive understanding of every aspect of each customer’s unique logistical and financial challenges.

BG Sorter Compact

Complete and Individual Solutions

BEUMER has a broad product offering in the CEP industry, ranging from complete solutions to individual applications. Here is an overview of the products and solutions we offer, click to navigate to that section on this page.

Inbound Logistics

Automation begins the moment the parcels arrive on trucks in the entrance area. Loosely loaded bulk goods in containers or swap bodies, packed on pallets or in cages, the packages are unloaded for high-speed processing in the hub.

  • BEUMER Tipping Station

    A container tipper module can easily be integrated in an automated sortation system process to optimise capacity.
  • Parcel Picker

    Parcel Picker®

    The BEUMER Parcel Picker® is a semi-automated unloading device for unloading parcels, packages and other items from swap bodies and roller containers.
  • Parcel Belt Conveyor

    BG Parcel Belt Conveyor

    The Parcel Belt conveyor provides a fast, easy and cost-effective transport system for everything from packages to polybags.


The Automatic Parcel Singulator transforms a bulk flow of parcels into a flow in which each parcel is uniformly separated, spaced and aligned before the in-feed to the automated induction of a high-speed loop sorter.

Sorters & Sortation Systems

Efficiency, flexibility and safe item handling in high-capacity automated sortation.

BG Sorter CB Cross-Belt

BG Sorter ET Tilt-Tray

Tilt tray conveyor

BG Sorter® Compact CB

BG Sorter Compact - Total view

BG Line Sorter

Order Picking

BG Pouch System

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