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Conveyor technology has become an indispensable part of intralogistics. Over the past decades, sophisticated machines have been developed to accelerate the transportation of bulk and cargo therefore reducing physical strain. Earthenware races throughout the country on conveyor belts - and that sometimes over many kilometers at a time. Parcels wind their way through distribution centres on belts, roller conveyors and chutes before they find their way into the trucks. At the airport, suitcases are loaded onto the plane via luggage belts. The range or potential applications of the conveyor system is immense.

Troughed Belt Conveyor

Conveying solutions at a glance

The nature of every industry determines the way the material and goods need to flow, which in turn dictates the best conveyor system and technology for your needs. Whether you need an individual conveyor segment in a cement plant or a complete conveyor system in a warehouse – your goods are in good hands with a bespoke and modular system. The following list provides an overview of the types of conveyor systems we offer to help improve your business:

Overland Conveyors

The ideal way to transport bulk goods and raw materials after extraction to a factory is on a belt conveyor where they are transported before being processed further. This form of conveyor technology moves rock and ores through mountains and valleys over many kilometres. The properties of the material to be conveyed determine the required conveyor technology. For example, the grain size of the bulk material and the risk of exchange with the environment determines the design of the belt conveyor.

  • Troughed Belt Conveyor

    Overland Belt Conveyors

    Open troughed belt conveyors are suitable for conveying any type of material that must be transported across vast distances through rough terrain.
  • Pipe Conveyors

    A pipe conveyor is recommended for sensitive products such as granulate or raw materials, which have to be protected from the elements.
  • Mobile Conveyors

    Mobile conveyor belts improve the efficiency of mining operations and reduce their production costs at the same time.
  • Screw conveyor

    We develop screw conveyors to precisely supply the exact dosage of alternative fuels in the cement works and for the loading of ships in the port.
  • Troughed Belt Conveyors

    Open troughed belt conveyors transport bulk goods, e.g. for cement manufacture, quickly across large distances and rough terrain.
  • U-Shape Conveyors

    U-type conveyor, aka U-conveyor or U-shaped conveyor belt, gets its name from its cross-section, formed into a "U" thanks to special carrier rollers.

Up and up! Bucket elevators for vertical material flow

Whether hot or cold: vertical conveyors and elevators from BEUMER are the economical solution when it comes to vertical transport of bulk material. As the market leader, BEUMER Group has developed special technical designs for this type of conveying system for a number of decades now.

Conveying hot materials – the unique challenge

Now it’s time to heat things up. At temperatures of 600°C and more, our steel cell conveyors remain cool. Their robust construction defies the heat. Even gradients of 60° can be overcome without breaking a sweat. Our engineers draw on decades of experience and only use reliable components. So before you start to break a sweat, ask us for a solution for your company.

  • Apron Conveyors

    High temperatures, complex configurations and overcoming extreme heights – apron conveyors transport sensitive materials safely and at low cost.
  • Belt Apron Conveyors

    The belt apron conveyor system is highly heat resistant - it is based on tried-and-true belt technology as used in the bucket elevators.

Conveying technology for alternative fuels

Mineral and oily substances such as vehicle tires and plastics serve as inexpensive fuel substitutes. They are available in large quantities. Incineration at high temperatures gives the cement works the energy required to manufacture the clinker. The extreme heat also ensures that the tires are safely and completely disposed of.

  • Conveyor for Alternative Fuels

    Alternative Fuel Conveyor

    Our conveyor systems enable these alternative materials to be stored, separated, weighed, sorted and transported efficiently and eco-friendly.
  • Screw conveyor

    We develop screw conveyors to precisely supply the exact dosage of alternative fuels in the cement works and for the loading of ships in the port.

Roller conveyors for transporting pallets and containers

Roller conveyors are part of a complete system in logistics centres, they move pallets during the loading and transfer process. The rollers are arranged next to each other and are made of steel or plastic, turntables are used to change the direction. In addition to pallet conveyor technology, roller conveyors are also useful for transporting containers. For example, our transport systems are used to transport suitcases and bags at airports. Container conveyor technology is also suitable for small items that are initially collected in containers, such as cartons or totes.

  • Conveyor Belts

    Beumer builds conveyor belts and conveyor systems for a range of industries, from raw material processing to fulfillment centers and airports.

Baggage conveyor systems in airports

Anyone who has ever checked in his suitcase at the airport knows that feeling of “will it end up on the plane”? How do you think the airport operator responsible for tens of thousands of pieces of luggage every day feels? No need to worry, BEUMER baggage handling systems are well thought out right down to the smallest detail. They reliably bring suitcases and luggage to the right aircraft and return them to the passengers at the destination. Since time is of the essence, our systems are designed to operate at high speeds while keeping your operations running as smoothly as possible.

Logistics systems for dispatch centres and parcel service providers

“I ordered a case of wine the day before yesterday and it still hasn’t arrived. My party is going to be a bust.” The ever increasing popularity of online shopping challenges a lot of companies. In addition to the availability of a product, the speed of delivery is now an important sales argument. After all, reliable and fast delivery turns first-time buyers into regular customers. With automated conveyor technology, you can create a fast and flexible process of picking, packing and dispatching of goods. By taking the next step and using automation, storage and parcel service providers reduce dispatch time, which in turn garners positive customer ratings.

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