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BEUMER fillpac® FFS

BEUMER fillpac® FFS forms bags from prefabricated PE tubular film and fills them both reliably and carefully. The bags are then automatically sealed. The BEUMER fillpac® FFS can form, fill and seal up to 2,600 bags every hour. An integrated weighing system ensures that filling is accurate to the last gram.

fillpac FFS

Innovative form fill seal system for chemical products

Besides being easy and highly flexible to use thanks to the many options that it offers, the BEUMER fillpac® FFS also stands out on account of its sturdiness and ease of maintenance. Bags are moved extremely smoothly with no swinging, which keeps wear to a minimum.

The symmetrical structure of the BEUMER fillpac® FFS is unique and enables operation from any side of the system. Thanks to various options like print mark control, automatic exchange of film rolls, detached film releasing unit, free or rail-based manoeuvrability and the possibility of processing pre-stretched film, the system can be adapted individually to any kind of customer requirements.


Easy to operate

fillpac operation

An ergonomic control terminal enables an easy, quick and safe control and operation of the BEUMER fillpac® FFS. The optimised user interface and navigation with an easily understandable and intuitive interaction concept helps to increase the efficiency of working sequences.

Availability that saves costs

Where systems operate around the clock, the BEUMER fillpac® FFS with its outstanding availability is the perfect partner. Its robust design extends maintenance intervals. The wear and tear of the system, for example, is minimal: It guides the bags in a straight movement to the individual working posts, preventing the bags from oscillating and thus avoiding vibrations.

A further advantage is its modular structure which ensures simple operation and easy cleaning as well as short retrofitting and maintenance times.

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