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Intralogistics, your industry and the future

With 5,400 employees in more than 70 countries, we optimise your company's intralogistics using our intralogistics expertise to create the basis for your long-term success.

Intralogistics overview chart

Intralogistics – a definition

“Intralogistics” describes all logistical processes occurring within a company. Intralogistics is part of the supply chain but distinct from external logistical operations, such as transporting stock from factories to retailers by freight forwarders. Intralogistics – the intra-company transportation of materials, handling of products and flow of information – must be planned, controlled and adjusted to your industry.

Do you use techniques such as conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sorting and distributing daily? Whether conveying raw materials, order picking or distributing parcels, we create future-proof intralogistics solutions for any industry that adapt to growing demands. You can noticeably speed up the delivery by automating your in-plant material transfer.

The fields of intralogistics

View into a warehouse with BEUMER Belt Tray Systems.

Depending on the industry, materials, goods and merchandise pass through several departments. The seamless integration of the different links of the value chain is key to efficient intralogistics solutions. For example, in the online-retail age, consumers expect fast deliveries. Optimising mail-order companies’ throughput of merchandise is a critical factor in their maintaining competitiveness and achieving long-term success.
From sorting incoming goods and warehouse systems to order picking and packaging for shipping, every item passes through several stations on its way to the customer via the dispatch area. Software designed specifically for intralogistics ensures all relevant departments are interconnected. It controls the storage, sorting and conveying system machines, simplifies order-picking processes such as Pick-by-Light or Pick-by-Voice, and analyses product routing to find the fastest itinerary for each item.
Do you provide services in manufacturing building materials, baggage handling or moving parcels as a courier? We are here to help you plan, develop and implement your ideal transport of materials and information.

  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • The flow of items via conveyor systems
  • Warehouses and warehouse management systems
  • Order picking
  • Sorting systems
  • Software solutions for individual processes and the handling of the entire material flow

Conveying Technology

Every transportation scenario offers new challenges: sometimes it involves moving coarse-grained material through rugged terrain from the quarry to the factory grounds, or hot materials from a kiln cooling system to a silo. For all of these applications the ideal solution are our economical transport technologies.

Apron Conveyors

Belt Apron Conveyors

Belt Bucket Elevators

Belt Bucket Elevator

Bucket Elevators

Central Chain Bucket Elevators

Central Chain Bucket Elevators

Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Systems for Alternative Fuels (AFR)

AFR Cement - Pipe Conveyor

Heavy Duty Belt Bucket Elevators

Mobile Conveyors

Overland Belt Conveyors

Troughed Belt Conveyor | Yadong Cement (China)

Pipe Conveyors

Screw Conveyor

Troughed Belt Conveyors

U-Shape Conveyors

Drive Stations

Shifting Heads

Tripper Cars

Feeding Hoppers

Hopper Cars


Mineral Processing

Our machines for industrial material processing, which are supplied worldwide in customized designs according to customer requirements, meet the highest demands on quality and functionality.



Apron Feeders

Roller Screens

Port Technology

Coarse bulk materials are loaded into bulk carriers via belt conveyor systems. The loading of powdered goods is handled by fully enclosed loading machines.

Ship Loader

Ship Unloaders


Continuous Ship Unloaders

Loading Technology

BEUMER has a broad range of solutions for every step in the material flow: from packaging to loading, your materials and goods are good to go.

Truck Loading

Bag Loader



Railway and Train Loading

Wagon Unloading

Bulk Loading Heads

Filling technology

Powerful filling systems help to pack the substances in large quantities. We, the BEUMER Group, guarantee reliable filling machines based on decades of experience, which we are constantly developing further – in Germany and also worldwide.

BEUMER fillpac® FFS

fillpac FFS

Palletising Technology

BEUMER has a broad range of solutions for every step in the material flow: with our palletising systems, your materials and goods are good to go.

paletpac® Palletiser

robotpac® Robot Palletiser

Beumer robotpac Robot Palletiser

Packaging Technology

The BEUMER stretch hood® A offers maximum load stability due to the combination of vertical and horizontal contracting forces of the film.

BEUMER stretch hood® A

Stretch Hood Packaging

Logistics Systems Technology

BEUMER has a broad product offering in the CEP industry, ranging from complete solutions to individual applications.

BG Sorter ET Tilt-Tray

Tilt tray conveyor

Automatic Parcel Singulator

Parcel Singulator

BG Line Sorter

Line Sorter

BG Sorter CB Cross-Belt

BG Parcel Belt Conveyor

Parcel Belt Conveyor

BG Pouch System

Why work with BEUMER Group?

We at BEUMER Group offer multi-sector intralogistics solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements – “Tailor Made Solutions”. Our experienced specialists perform feasibility studies and evaluate different concepts. They manage projects from development to assembly to launch and through to final handover. We also offer our customers assistance through our customer support team. This ensures that every customer receives an optimum solution from one single source.
Our customers can rely on our many years of experience as a general contractor and provider of integrated as well as customer- and application-specific solutions. We also draw on extensive expertise in many industries and can integrate products and systems from other manufacturers. With subsidiaries and representatives worldwide, our technicians respond quickly to service needs.

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  • Integrated logistics management is a process in which every part of the supply chain is interconnected and interdependent, and every logistical step works in the same direction. Integrated logistics aims to optimise production costs, production times and quality assurance across all departments of a company.