The BEUMER Airport Suite is a proven software solution in the industry, known for its high performance, and has been installed at – and recognised by – major airports worldwide.

Behind the mechanical baggage handling system (BHS) muscle lies an intuitive set of advanced IT & Controls modules. The system software is essential for the successful management of baggage handling systems and inside the Airport Suite, BEUMER Group combines some of the industry’s most advanced BHS High Level Control (HLC) aces to introduce new levels of ease and efficiency to the baggage handling process.

Next generation baggage handling software

The standard controls modules in our HLC solution cover the entire BHS installation, the baggage flow as well as the overall management of system performance, optimisation and planning.

  • Baggage handling professionals who work with maintenance, operations and management are supported by business intelligence functions in the spectre from traditional reports and statistics to a professional data analytics framework.

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Airport software & data

Airport operations generate an increasing amount of data from an expanding number of sources. One area in particular that can provide essential operational information is the baggage handling system, but data is only useful if it is analysed and understood properly. At BEUMER Group, we have worked with data for a number of years and have used these learnings to extend our services to the predictive and prescriptive level. BEUMER’s digital capability offers a growing suite of data-driven services to enable employees at the maintenance, operational and management levels to make better informed decisions.



Data Visualisation

When working with data, organisations sometimes focus solely on the collection of data, and miss out on the outcome of working with data. At BEUMER Group, we believe that the value of data lies in the decisions it leads to. To make data relatable we therefore work with data visualisation on a number of different abstraction layers.

  • The most complex and challenging layer is the dashboard-layer, which on one side allows users to mine data and reach a deep understanding of different cases, but on the other hand also requires a certain system insight and analytical approach.
  • To support users in navigating the noise, we offer a number of translations, such as Strategic KPI’s, OEE’s, Sustainability index and Process overview, each designed to provide users with a simple overview.
  • And to complete the visualisation package, we offer a digital twin which turns the layout into a storyteller. The FLOW Twin by BEUMER Group provides visualisation of flow and data in real-time as well as historical data, and thereby provides an easy and intuitive understanding of a complex system.

Our airport value proposition

The key components to accomplishing the strategic ambition for your airport are an overall efficient and reliable high-level control (HLC) solution, a flexible and expandable framework, data transparency and a professional user experience for different user groups. Our airport value proposition offers a differentiated position in the market as we focus both on team, tools and system:

BHS system

A baggage handling system designed by BEUMER Group is born digital. Being born digital lays the foundation for capturing baggage, equipment and process data on the system, element and sensor levels. At BEUMER Group we see digitalisation as an unavoidable step towards sustainability as this will guide the decision process by making critical information available.

SW & Data Solutions

The Software & Data solutions provided by BEUMER Group act as the interface between the physical system and the users operating, maintaining and managing it. To enable users to make faster and better decisions, visualisation of data is provided at different abstraction layers ranging from dashboards to the digital twin. Data transparency is crucial to understanding current BHS performance and optimising for the future. The Software & Data solution therefore includes the ability to share data with existing BI solutions.

O&M team

A professional user experience gives your organisation’s baggage professionals, who work within maintenance, operations and management, the right tools and the right views to enable them to, not only excel in their respective jobs, but also to have a lean O&M team.

When linking the BHS System, SW & Data Solutions and the O&M Team, organisations achieve what we call Data Driven Asset Management.

Data DRIVEN asset management

Understanding and working with data are extremely valuable tools.  This is particularly important in view of the baggage handling system’s key role in achieving shorter connection times, handling an increasing number of passengers and delivering a superior passenger experience in an environment with increased dynamics.

These are among the drivers that put pressure on how a baggage handling system is maintained, operated and managed. With this in mind, BEUMER Group has established a data warehouse to which data is streamed in real time from a growing number of sites.


A partnership with BEUMER GROUP

Selecting the right high level control solution also involves selecting the right BHS software partner to work with.

To ensure a professional implementation, our HLC organisation has a well-established project execution framework built on standardisation and know-how.

At BEUMER Group, our partnership builds on these pillars:

  • A professional implementation of your project is key to delivering critical infrastructure. At BEUMER Group, our processes are certified according to the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 3 framework and our Project Managers are Project Management Institute (PMI) certified. This means that each project is managed in a transparent, timely and professional manner.
  • Given the increased levels of cyber security threats, keeping your HLC system safe is more important than ever. At BEUMER Group, we integrate cyber security right from the design phase. Our software solutions follow the IEC 62443 standards, and we are also certified according to ISO 27001 as an organisation.
  • A HLC solution should also be able to pave the way for future improvements. Our Airport Software Suite is in its fifth generation and builds on decades of operational experience – it is always updated and expanded according to our product roadmap. In this way, your system stays young and relevant as the airport industry’s needs change over time.

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