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Business Intelligence – Learning and planning

Baggage handling professionals who work with maintenance, operations and management are supported by business intelligence functions in the spectre from traditional reports and statistics to a data analytics framework as well as a training simulator.


BG Insight is a data-analytic framework which provides insight for baggage handling professionals working within maintenance, operations and management. It includes predictive maintenance and forecasting through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.

BG Foresight is a framework that takes data analytics to the prescriptive level by providing baggage handling professionals with recommendations and suggested actions. BG Foresight is based upon AI and decision science.

The Training Simulator provides an efficient tool for training new operators. It can also be used to evaluate scenarios, such as simulating future flight schedule changes or alternative make-up allocations and investigating error scenarios. Layout visualisation displaying system load makes it easy to identify bottlenecks and the statistical reports enable in-depth scenario analysis.


Every day, your airport operations generate an ever-increasing amount of data from an expanding number of sources. One operational area in particular that can provide essential information is the baggage handling system. However, the kind of data is only useful if it is analysed and understood properly.

We all know that understanding and working with data can bring value to an operation.  In the context of a baggage handling system, this is particularly important given that the key role of the BHS is to achieve the fastest possible connection times, handle increasing numbers of passengers’ bags and ultimately help deliver a superior passenger experience. And all this needs to be achieved in an environment of ever shifting dynamics.

These drivers, which are often linked to internal KPIs, will inevitably put pressure on how to maintain, operate and manage a baggage handling system. With this in mind, BEUMER Group has established a data warehouse to which BHS data are streamed in real time from a growing number of sites. These data provide the foundation for our data analytics solutions.

  • Staff working with maintenance are focussed on predictive maintenance and maintenance planning. BG Insight can assist maintenance staff by identifying critical components that require attention. Driven by AI, it is able to detect “micro stops” and provide a list of elements to inspect. This means maintenance staff need only focus on potential critical elements and take corrective action before performance is affected. On top of this, BG Insight provides a wide range of metrics, allowing staff to analyse data for patterns and to investigate specific cases.

    The value contribution of BG Insight for the airport’s maintenance staff is:

    • Increasing staff efficiency by prioritising those components with the highest impact
    • Creating maintenance plans based on system information
    • Ability to analyse data for certain patterns and to investigate specific cases

BG Insight – Data driven asset management

When it comes to understanding current performance and planning for the future, airports want to be able to find out what happened, why it happened and what’s likely to happen. Data transparency is crucial to finding this information, together with the right tools for working with the data. The solution comes with a superior data analytics framework that is able to share data with existing BI solutions. We call this solution BG Insight.

BG Insight’s customised dashboards give users an easy and intuitive overview of current operations, upcoming events and maintenance status. For further analysis, the detailed dashboards for maintenance, operations and management provide the analytical framework for investigating both historical and current performance.