Remote Profibus Monitoring
A BEUMER Group Hotline Service

The Remote Profibus Monitoring can significantly increase the efficiency of preventative maintenance and reduce unplanned downtime for high-speed automated material handling systems.

Real time performance metrics and alerts

Remote Profibus Monitoring is an essential and widely used portable tool for health checking and fault finding on Profibus networks.

The Remote Profibus Monitoring package will alert maintenance staff if any faults arise or are likely to arise. It also provides the ability to identify and log periodic errors more effectively and respond more quickly to system errors.

In addition to being accessible from a simple web browser from anywhere within a secure IT network, it also allows BEUMER Group Hotline engineers to log on and undertake remote expert support on the Profibus over a secure and encrypted connection to a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


  • Provides remote overview of system performance
  • Increases system availability
  • Supports and improves preventive maintenance
  • Easy to operate with minimal training
  • Quick Hotline support for efficient trouble shooting

Easy customisation

The package can be customised to the individual sorting system. Alerts can be sent both as email and log notification. Each part of the monitored system can be individually named, making it faster and easier for maintenance personnel to locate faults.

Secure multi-user access enables multiple users to be assigned to the Remote Profibus Monitoring package with different levels of access and control. More than 20 users can be logged on at the same time.

Fast set-up and training

Hosting the package on a web server means that there is no need for additional software to be integrated into customers’ internal IT systems. The Profibus Monitoring package has a fast, one-day set-up.

The Remote Profibus Monitoring package also includes a one-day training course which covers the standard operation of the monitoring system and insights into best-practice for Profibus installation and function with no disruption to normal system operation.

Remote Profibus Monitoring Specifications

Our hotline support functions

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