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Bulk Loading Heads: Fast and dust-free loading of cement

Bulk materials like cement has to be conveyed in large quantities via motorways and railways. They are often loaded at the production location in suitable vehicles and transported as bulk cargo to other locations.

Loading heads for bulk transporter vehicles

Bulk transporter vehicles can be loaded quickly and free of dust with the BEUMER bulk loading head. It is designed according to the double-wall system, i.e. the material inlet and the dedusting unit are separated from each other. The bulk loading head has to be connected to a dedusting air system. The hoist equipment is either a motor cable winch or a hand-operated winch. Material feed must be metered. An operator panel is used for operation.

When placing the bulk loading head on a silo inlet, the sealing cone is lowered and opens the outlet spout. The fill level in the vehicle is adjustable due to the variable lowering level of the sealing cone. In order to balance out any minor positional deviations of the vehicle, the bulk loading head can be moved laterally during placement. When the loading process has been terminated, a vibrating motor shakes off any material still adhering to the unit in order to avoid soiling of the vehicles.


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Integrated filter

The BEUMER bulk loading head is equipped with an integrated compressed-air filter and can operate independently from centralised dedusting systems and dust transporting devices. The dust removed from the bulk transporter vehicle is fed again to the material flow during loading. The compressed-air filter consists of filter hoses which are positioned between the telescopic tube and the bellows. The suction is carried out by a fan fastened at the outside. The cleaning is carried out by timed compressed-air shock (4-6 bar) which has to be provided by the customer.

Fill level indicators

The fill level indicators accurately shut off the material feed to the bulk loading head when the vehicle is full. Different types of fill level indicators are required depending on the properties of the material. The primary criteria used to select the correct switch are bulk density, flow behaviour as well as product temperature. All systems are interchangeable. This ensures quick and trouble-free modification if required.

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