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Beckum, 19. June 2018

New BEUMER sales office supports customers with the retrofitting of systems from various suppliers:

BEUMER Group opened a new sales office in the Ruhr area of Germany to support its customers with an even more comprehensive range of services. From this sales office "West", BEUMER Customer Support will handle worldwide retrofitting and modernisation projects, for example on currently operating conveying systems like bucket elevators and clinker conveyors, including those from other suppliers. The goal is to cooperate closely with the headquarters in Beckum and provide everything from one source, from receiving a query, to technical dimensioning and on-site installation. With only one contact, the operator can be sure of high system availability.

The goals for many building materials companies include being able to compete with the leading cement manufacturers and to position themselves for profitable construction projects. This requires systems that run reliably and can be adapted to the increasing requirements of the market. "We ensure high availability during the entire running time," says Guido Hesse, Director Customer Support at BEUMER Group. "Our customers know that they can rely on us." More than 1,000 employees worldwide now work for this business segment. They take care of the customer, starting with the first project discussion, through the time when the system is in operation.

"We provide comprehensive solutions," explains Hesse. "They are matched individually to the respective needs of the customer, including service intervals and response times as agreed by contract." In the event of a system standstill, qualified Customer Support technicians arrive quickly on site to prevent long downtimes. Customer Support offers around-the-clock telephone support every day of the year worldwide, helping to further reduce downtime to a minimum. The technicians perform remote analyses, indicate corrective measures and offer quick and reliable solutions to correct malfunctions. BEUMER Customer Support also ensures that the machines are always up-to-date. "We make sure that the machines are comprehensively modernised," says Hesse. The advantages include higher performance and availability, minimised energy consumption, more ergonomic working conditions, new functions and a better overall system utilisation. For this, the BEUMER employees can update or upgrade the systems.

"As all systems used by the customer need to be complementary, we also take care of retrofitting the mechanical parts and control technology produced by third-party manufacturers, in addition to the continuous development of our own products ," describes Hesse. To further optimise these processes in the future, the corporate group opened the new sales office "West" in the German Ruhr area. The team of experts focuses on the implementation of projects where BEUMER technology is used to retrofit or update conveying systems for bulk material such as bucket elevators and clinker conveyors, including those from other suppliers.

One contact – faster decisions

"We work closely with our headquarters in Beckum. The customer receives everything from one single source, starting with the query to technical dimensioning and the installation on site," explains Hesse. Customers have one contact, which means they can benefit from reduced organisational and coordination expenses and they generally decide faster on modernisations. "The costs for these measures are mostly provided from the customer's maintenance budget or factory investments. Hesse: "From our new office "West", we can now react to each request immediately, worldwide, and provide support with extensive know-how." External consultants are no longer necessary, like for the coordination of new investments, which speeds up the decision making-process considerably.

Modernisation pays off

The BEUMER modification concept has already achieved high levels of customer satisfaction, keeping existing structures as they are as much as possible. Companies can reduce their costs because they need to spend money on only a few components, which means a more rapid return on investment. Shorter installation and transfer times are another advantage.

"As a market leader, we have been developing sophisticated technical retrofitting measures for conveying systems of bulk materials from any manufacturer," says Hesse. "This is why we can offer the optimal solution for different application scenarios. We know our competitors, their products and the differences between each." An African cement manufacturer suffered recurring production losses due to the malfunctioning belt of a 60 metre high bucket elevator from a different manufacturer used for feeding a silo. "This is a typical problem, according to Hesse. The system had to be stopped repeatedly for the workers to correct the error. In the long run, this needed to be corrected.

In this case, the modernisation of the plant was recommended. "We didn't just want to repair the error, but actively support the company to meet upcoming capacity and technology requirements", emphasises Hesse. The BEUMER experts replaced the belt and the buckets with heavy duty components developed by BEUMER Group. This solution offers buckets that are mounted firmly to the back of the belt by segments and bolts. Belts with wire-free zones are used for the HD bucket elevators just as with all BEUMER belt bucket elevators. The buckets can be fastened to the belt without damaging the steel wires or even cutting them. The traction forces of the bucket elevator belt are maintained throughout. The bucket shape also allows for smoother running and therefore less noise generation. The drive and return pulleys were also exchanged. The new conveyor belts are resistant to mechanical wear and tear and allow conveying of large grain sizes and taking up high tensile loads. This helps the cement manufacturer to increase the availability of the bucket elevator, reduce energy consumption and extend service life. This solution, instead of simply replacing the belt, makes the company more competitive in the long run.

Speaking the same language

BEUMER Group sets high standards for its Customer Support employees. When systems are installed and used in other countries, BEUMER believes that the customer should have access to a Customer Support technician that originates from the same cultural background and speaks the same language. "This is why we decide from our office "West" which of our colleagues for example will be on site for projects in Africa and who will be responsible for Southeast Asia," explains Hesse. Successful customer support requires successful communication. How is the customer positioned? What are their goals and how do they want to develop in the future? These questions require tactfulness and cultural know-how. BEUMER Group is a global company and capable of meeting this challenge.

Beckum, 07. June 2018

伯曼驻场服务在现场保证客户物流顺畅 :

对于伯曼集团来说,客户支持不“仅仅”是服务。 这个业务部门在全球约有1,000名员工。 专业贴近客户、全程参与,从项目会议开始直至设备运行。 提供各种服务。 驻场服务就是其中之一。 通过这项服务,企业可以将物流可用性、效率和经济性的责任交给伯曼的专家。 在现场保证设备顺畅运行。

作为专业制造输送、装卸、码垛、包装、分拣/分类设备的国际领先内部物流系统生产商,伯曼非常了解客户的需求。客户对设备可用性以及客户服务的要求很高。 因此,伯曼很早就组建了客户支持团队,将其发展成一个独立的业务部门。 通过全球化的分支机构,近年来伯曼不断优化其服务并对员工进行专业化的培训。 “我们提供的不仅是产品,还有用心的服务”,伯曼客户支持总监Guido Hesse先生强调。 “这对于来自不同行业的客户来说变得越来越重要。” 因此,企业必须确保设备极高的可用性,以保持竞争力。


伯曼集团客户支持可以签订不同的服务协议。 包括例如备件供应、预防和常规维护以及设备运行。 可根据客户的需要进行个性化调整,在合同中约定服务间隔以及响应时间。  “越来越多的制造商,尤其是物流服务提供商希望专注于核心业务,将系统和设备的责任委托出去”,Hesse发现了这一明显趋势。“我们客户支持有一个特殊的部分就是驻场服务。” 通过这项服务,由伯曼员工负责运行时间、效率和经济性的责任 — 根据需要,专家团队可以常驻现场。 系统须与任务完美匹配,所有流程运行顺畅。“在激烈竞争的环境里,我们的客户非常信赖伯曼的可靠性和系统的高可用性。”Hesse解释说。 成功的客户支持需要领会客户的想法:客户是怎样定位的? 目标是什么以及将来客户想要如何发展? 这需要敏锐的鉴别力。


例如,某运动用品制造商在其新的配送中心就需要这项服务。 新租赁的4万平方米的库房紧邻现有厂房。 两栋建筑物通过约370米长的输送系统相连接。 在原厂房处理国内外零售商和分销商的供货,在新库房里专门处理欧洲的互联网订单。 由此,这个企业想要大幅增加电子商务的销售额。 在高峰期每天需处理高达20万的在线订单。

这需要高效的物流和可靠的技术。 此外,新库房还采用全自动货架系统,有30万个存储位置、订单拣选和包装台。 内部物流系统的最大部分是一台差不多9千米长的输送设备。 “辊子输送机和皮带输送机将各个独立的区域连接起来,将货物从A输送到B”,伯曼集团维护经理Günther Rother先生说。 他是现场负责可靠运行的70人服务团队中的一员。 团队每周七天,每天24小时五班轮班工作。


为了确保系统在运行期间内能始终与任务完美匹配、所有流程顺畅运行,伯曼员工还接管了预防性维护等工作。 “以此来避免不可控的设备故障以及带来的巨额损失”,Günther Rother先生说。 团队定期进行检查和维护工作。 “例如,去除污垢,避免影响设备和系统的运行安全”,Rother说。 “润滑可移动部件,在必要时进行校准。” 团队检查设备和系统的安全装置、电子元器件和自动化技术。由于部件会发生计划外故障,还需要纠正性维护,包括故障诊断、故障排除或维修。 “此外,我们还开发和实施能够确保建筑物长期无故障运行的方案”,维护经理说。 员工检查技术安装并按照约定的间隔定期进行维护。


“我们共管理约2,500个不同的备件”,Rother说。 “根据需要,我们会不断根据数量和可用性调整分类。”为了支持日常工作并向客户确保高透明度,伯曼团队编制了一个精确匹配的电脑化的维护规划和管理系统(CMMS)。 这个软件管理数据库中有关维护的所有信息。 及早提供备件的订单信息,管理备件和磨损件的库存并计算需求。 此外,可以精确记录每个采购流程。

“伯曼的备件概念是在两分钟内带着所需部件到达相应的修理位置”,伯曼集团运行维护经理Markus Petermeier先生说。 “此外,伯曼还开发了一个培训模块,能够让每个技术人员对所有系统部件进行培训。 以此,确保达到客户想要的可用性。 可达99%。” 为了保证设备顺畅运行,驻场服务还包括紧急方案、系统恢复和故障排除练习,以尽可能缩短响应时间。 以及伯曼热线的远程诊断。

所有事务 一个联系人

服务团队的技术人员Daniel Schweer先生表示:“伯曼也负责其他供应商提供的系统部件。” 客户只需一个联系人,在现场可以解答所有问题。沟通非常方便。 “通过这种方式,我们也学会了更多的知识”,Daniel Schweer先生说。 如果客户想给系统扩容,专业的伯曼团队可以开发各种解决方案。

伯曼集团提供一年365天全天候的服务,根据客户的需求量身定制解决方案 — 这个运动用品制造商就是个很好的案例。 “我们的目标是顺畅优化物流为客户创造更高的价值”,Hesse说。 “我们承担全部责任,让客户保持长期竞争力。”

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