Conveyor based baggage storage

Checked baggage can be temporarily stored on conveyor belt lines as a simple and economical solution to buffering early baggage. A conveyor-based storage solution design can offer optimised use of the BHS while also offering better passenger service.

Early bags on conveyor lanes

By use of a simple yet effective conveyor-based storage solution, a baggage handling system design can have more efficiency – and the airport can offer a more satisfying passenger experience. The conveyor-based EBS solution can easily integrate with a convey-based or a high-speed baggage handling and sortation technology.

When used in conveyor and loop sortation systems, bags are usually stored in conveyor lanes until ready for make-up. In a cart-based sortation solutions, bags will be stored on conveyor EBS lines or remain in their assigned carts between screening and make-up if the system design and capacity allows it.

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