BG Pouch System® for CEP

The BG Pouch System® provides practical solutions to the challenges encountered by CEP operators amid the rise in small and intricate parcels. Addressing issues such as limited storage space, expensive manual handling, and time-intensive customs inspections, our system helps to reduce costs and boost operational efficiency.

How the BG Pouch System can help CEP operators handle the e-commerce boom

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Optimising the last mile with automated sequencing

With last mile handling making up approximately 50% of the total parcel handling cost, the BG Pouch system provides CEP operators with the opportunity to optimise and automate a part of the costly last mile delivery. Today, the existing manual sequencing and loading process usually takes 30-60 minutes per van, but with automated sequencing, each van is ready to go in 15 minutes.

The BG Pouch System utilises a matrix sortation solution, which enables automated sequence sortation. Parcels are discharged to a chute based on the specific driver’s route, ensuring optimal packing order where the first parcel loaded is the last to be delivered.  

This efficient process eliminates the need for manual sequencing, enabling drivers to swiftly depart from the distribution center and start delivering the parcels much earlier. By saving valuable time and reducing operational costs, this innovative approach enhances efficiency and maximises productivity for CEP operators. 

small parcel handling

The increased prevalence of small parcels in e-commerce logistics poses a significant challenge for CEP operators. These parcels not only consume valuable space within traditional parcel sortation systems but also often require time-consuming manual handling. BEUMER Group recogniszes this challenge and offers a dedicated sortation system tailored to efficiently manage these small and difficult parcels. 

Our specialised BG Pouch System is designed to automate the handling of small parcels in daily CEP operations. The system can relieve the main, conventional sortation system from small and irregular parcels, all without requiring extra floor space, as the BG Pouch System can be suspended in the ceiling above the existing equipment.

handling duty parcels for customs inspections

In response to surging cross-border e-commerce demands, CEP operators grapple with a spike in duty parcels that require inspection and storage. Traditional storage methods add costly touchpoints and demand excess manual labor. Our BG Pouch System solution automatically inducts the duty into individual pouches, eliminating traditional storage and reducing manual handling costs.  

Each parcel has its own dedicated RFID-tagged pouch, which enables it to be tracked at every single stage of the process, and if customs wish to physically inspect the parcel, officers have direct and immediate access to it.  

Once inside the pouch system, the parcel can stay there until it clears customs – or until lifetime in the storage expires, at which point the pouch holding the shipment can be brought down and released seamlessly into the parcel flow for final sorting and distribution to the recipient – or returned to sender.

Two systems taking the space of one

The BG Pouch System can relieve the main, conventional sortation system from small and irregular parcels, all without requiring extra floor space, as the pouch system can be suspended in the air above the traditional equipment. The addition of a pouch system reduces the need for an increase in capacity on the floor-level system as small parcels will no longer circulate the loop, freeing up space for bigger parcels.

User-friendly system with flexible integration

The BG Pouch system allows for automatic pouch induction and unloading for CEP operations, removing the necessity for manual induction of parcels into the pouch system and unloading of the system, increasing throughput by automating these processes.

With flawless integration into already existing controls, the BG Pouch System is highly flexible with regards to its capability of sorting small and difficult parcels such as envelopes, blister packets, soft packets, cylinders and small packets, all of which require alternative handling.

The system can contain parcels as small as 50x50x1mm to as big as 550x430x180mm, with weight spanning from 20g to 7kg. The system has a capacity of over 10,000 parcels/hour per module. This solution allows CEP operators to achieve small-parcel handling with very few manual item touches and higher throughput with very little use of floor-space.

  • Simplified process reduces touches per parcel for handling and sortation
  • Multi-purpose system for both buffering, sorting and sequencing
  • Controls integrated into existing controls system, optimising handling of small parcels
  • 7kg pouch capacity
    Handles wide mix of small and difficult parcels
  • Scalable system providing throughput of 10,000 pouches/hour per sortation module

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