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small parcels: how to deal with them in automated sortation

With Brian Hansen

Distribution centres have long had to deal with the problem of small parcels that are not easily handled by usual automated sorting equipment. As global e-commerce continues to surge, the complexity of sorting small parcels has intensified.
Irregular shapes, jams and blockages in today’s framework sorting technology leads to many distribution centres being unable to optimise their processes and having to handle small parcels manually.

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ouch systems as an alternative technology

But small parcels can be handled differently.

The pouch system – an enclosed overhead conveying system successfully deployed in the fashion industry for decades – is especially suited to difficult small parcels and can be implemented to fully support traditional cross-dock sorting.

In this webinar, we explore how the pouch system can be applied to parcel sortation. You will learn:

  • How the challenges of sorting small parcels impact your CEP operations.
  • The principles behind the pouch system – including its built-in buffer functionality
  • How the pouch system works in the CEP context: inbound sortation, induction, sorting and sequencing and item retrieval for transportation
  • How to integrate the pouch system into your existing operations
  • The benefits of the pouch system to CEP operators, including improved tracking, optimised sequencing, extended operating times and cost savings
  • Watch the webinar and find out why the pouch system is the ideal technology for sorting small parcels in your CEP operations.

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