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Major order from Mexico

  • Cement / AFR

BEUMER Group delivers 14 high-capacity palletisers to the cement manufacturer Cruz Azul:

Due to legal requirements, the Mexican cement manufacturer Cruz Azul has to change its production from 50 to 25 kilogramme bags in the future. Thus, the company will have to handle twice the amount of bags while maintaining the same capacity. In order to meet this logistical challenge, Cruz Azul has commissioned BEUMER Group to supply 14 high-capacity palletisers.

The Cooperativa La Cruz Azul with head office in Mexico City is one of the leading cement manufacturers in Mexico. The company has four plants in the country – the main plant is located in the state of Hidalgo. In addition to cement lines, Cruz Azul also operates building material lines. What has been partly implemented in Europe and the USA for decades is now coming into effect in Mexico: The government has decided to switch from 50 to 25 kilogramme bags at the beginning of 2023. This change will be implemented in order to protect the health of the workers who have to lift and carry these bags.

Cruz Azul must therefore be able to bag, palletise and pack twice the quantity of cement bags in the future while maintaining the same production capacity. For example: with a total tonnage of 150 tonnes per hour, 6,000 bags currently require more than 90 pallets. A pallet has to be handled every 40 seconds. In order to meet this logistical challenge in the four plants, the manufacturer has commissioned BEUMER Group to supply 14 high-performance palletisers. One BEUMER system achieves an output of 5,500 to 6,000 bags per hour.

Cruz Azul and BEUMER Group have had a trustful and successful partnership for decades. The system provider has convinced with its highly developed and sustainable technology and a sophisticated concept, which will enable the cement manufacturer to achieve the required performance in its packaging terminal.

COVID-19 presented a particular challenge in this project. Due to the pandemic, it was not possible for BEUMER experts to be on site with the customer in person. All concepts were discussed, debated and agreed online and with the support of the local group company in Mexico City. Despite the tight supply situation, BEUMER Group plans to deliver the first five palletisers in the third quarter of 2022. The other nine machines will follow by 2023.