February  25 – February 28, 2024 | Phoenix, AZ | Booth #1455

Get ready to dive into 4-days of thrilling discoveries, captivating keynote presentations, interactive panels, hands-on demonstrations, and much more. We welcome you to join us as our team will be on hand and present at the 2024 SME Annual Conference and Expo! Discover valuable networking opportunities with industry leaders and listen on as our team presents for two separate speaking sessions throughout the expo. We look forward to discussing our cutting-edge technology in person and presenting the latest innovations, with featured messaging and models on display including our Pipe Conveyor, and more.

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4-Mile Overland Conveying System at Knight Hawk Coal
26KM Long Overland Conveyor at Yadong Cement
Bucket Elevators for Mining and Minerals
World's Largest Capacity Pipe Conveyor
Efficient Loading of Minerals Onto Ships
Pipe Conveyor in Difficult Applications

Speaking Session: Feb 27, 2024

Digital Bulk Material Handling: Increased Efficiency and Availability, Reduced Maintenance Efforts

Presented by DANIEL HOGG

Location: North 132A | Time: 10:05AM

“Nowadays everything is becoming digital, even Bulk Material Handling is faced with this trend, and that for a good reason. As will be substantiated with a case study, the combination of the real machine and its theoretical design model, the combination of existing sensor data, some project specific additional sensors and the underlying calculation of the machine is a huge step forward in predicting the lifetime of the critical components. This allows maintenance to be planned, utilizing each component as much as possible while yet avoiding unplanned stops of the equipment. Looking at the data over time allows even to see possibilities to run the machine more efficiently or increase the design capacity in certain conditions. The key for each project then becomes to choose the right set up: Which data is to be collected? What are the critical components to be monitored and which additional sensors are required? Our case study will guide through these steps and point out the benefits that can be reached.”

Speaking Session: Feb 27, 2024

Improving the Environmental Impact of Mining Operations

Presented by Martin Rewer

Location: North 132A | Time: 2:25PM

“Striving for enhanced efficiency, environmental responsibility, and enhanced reliability, this case study explores the successful implementation of an overland conveying system (OLC) as a sustainable alternative to traditional truck transportation for raw materials at Jiangsu Jinfeng Group. The successful replacement of 4000 truckloads per day with an overland conveying system marked a significant milestone in enhancing sustainability, operational efficiency, and environmental responsibility. By addressing the challenges of connecting three quarries situated about 3 km apart to a central raw material storage facility, this innovative solution not only optimized energy consumption but also significantly reduced the carbon footprint by millions of tons annually. This reduction along with the elimination of inefficiencies inherent in truck transportation, underscores the importance of adopting forward-thinking strategies in industrial operations. A key of the successful implementation was selecting the right components for the OLC system to achieve optimal performance, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability.”



In the area of opencast mining technology, FAM offers an impressive selection of various machines and systems, such as bucket wheel reclaimers for extraction of mineral resources like lignite, hard coal, overburden, marl, etc.

Opencast mining is a mining technique of extracting minerals from the near-surface layer of earth, these raw materials can be then used for further processing, for example, in production of metals or building materials. Our product portfolio ranges from mining equipment (e.g., excavators) to crushers, belt conveyors and subsequent stacking technology.


Our size reduction equipment includes diverse crushers and mills for extensive material processing in a variety of industries. Sand and gravel, clay and limestone, gypsum, building site rubble – the reference list of the BEUMER Group’s materials is extensive. From a technical standpoint, the systems are always at the heart of production. The product portfolio includes various crushing & screening plants, including impact, hammer, single & double-roll crushers, plus many more crushers and mills. E.g. cement works rely on the BEUMER Group’s solutions to move limestone over long distances from the quarry to the plant, making operations more sustainable and reducing the plant’s ecological footprint. We strive to be a benchmark in providing you with high quality in every aspect of your individual needs for specialized equipment.


Storage and homogenization of various bulk materials is a significant part of the handling processes within the overall logistic networks of the bulk material processing industry. Dynamic and efficient handling requires the stockyards to be equipped with appropriate technology (e.g., stackers, reclaimers, conveyor systems, etc.). Our product line of stockyard technology encompasses conveying systems, stackers and scrapers of various types, as well as bucket wheel machines.


Mined raw materials travel along extensive transport routes. Ores, raw salt feeds, waste rock and overburden pass through various steps from mine to mill (mining, material transfers, comminution, mineral processing, hydrometallurgy, filtration and tailings disposal). Our systems ensure smooth, economical and environmentally friendly processing at each stage of materials handling.

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