Efficient and economic
loading systems

We provide the perfect solution for loading and unloading any vehicle, from trucks to railway cars to ships. At the centre is the actual loading machine. From there, we design, manufacture and install entire loading systems, tailor-made to your requirements and the products to be conveyed.

Our loading technology provides economic efficiency, easy operation and high capacity. We have pioneered in this field for decades. Our loading technology portfolio includes:

  • systems for loading loose or bagged bulk material into trucks, waggons, and ships
  • unloading machines
  • automatic bag loading machines for trucks and containers

Loading technology for bulk material

BEUMER Group is one of the leading providers of systems for bulk material loading. We provide efficient, fully automatic loading systems. The user-friendly, individually controlled and space-efficient systems are designed to perfectly match your product and the conditions of installation. Our wide range of products covers any application scenario. The loading technology for bulk material ensures a dust-free, environmentally friendly and economical operation.

The fill level indicators on the bulk loading heads of our systems ensure that you can load bulk transporter vehicles, open vehicles, railway vehicles and ships quickly and accurately, while distributing the material evenly. Special fill level indicators are used, tailored to the bulk density, flow characteristics and temperature of the loaded cargo; retrofitting them is always possible without any problem, if necessary.

Palletising and loading systems for efficient and gentle bag loading

Our fully automatic bag loading machines can load up to 3,000 50 kilogram bags per hour. As for all our systems, we managed to combine efficiency with low environmental impact. In addition to this ecological benefit, economic advantages are achieved from the considerable cost efficiency of a low 0.1 kilowatt hours of energy consumption required per ton.

Our bag loading machines are ideal for rail and road vehicles and always handle the bags gently, even under extreme surrounding conditions. The air is gently removed from the bags, a reliable way to prevent bag fractures.

Ship loading systems for coarse and fine bulk material

We offer two different systems for ship loading: our belt conveying systems with a vertical telescopic tube are the perfect solution for coarse bulk materials such as clinker or lumpy ore. They ensure dust-free and efficient loading of bulk carriers. Moving the ship in order to load the entire cargo hold is generally not necessary thanks to the swivelling and telescopic loading machine.

Our completely enclosed loading machines are ideal for loading dust-like bulk material. Special filter systems minimise the environmental impact.

If you are looking for high-performing, fast and efficient loading technology, BEUMER Group has the solution.

Do you have any questions on our loading systems? Don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to provide advice!

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