Storage &
Blending Bed

Blending Bed

Stockpiles with blending bed systems are used for blending or homogenising raw materials. Once the stacker has built up the stockpile so that its cross-section has the largest possible number of layers of identical material, the bridge scraper assists the maximum homogenisation effect when reclaiming material from the front of the pile. Stockpiles can be set up outdoors or in halls.

Circular Stockpile

When circular stockpiles are set up in a restricted space they are usually fed with material by a slewable stacker. The material is reclaimed from the inside slope of the stockpile. A rotary scraper which can be designed as a portal, semi-portal or lateral scraper is used for this purpose. Optimum utilisation of stockpile capacity is achieved by simultaneous but independent storing and reclaiming.


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