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BEUMER Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators have proven themselves for vertical transport of many and diverse bulk materials for decades. As a market leader, BEUMER Group successfully established the belt bucket elevator technology in the market decades ago.

Belt bucket elevators were consistently developed in the past and enable the highest possible conveying capacities with maximum centre distances today.

Chain bucket elevators are the preferred conveying systems for the transport of hot bulk materials and coarse-grained materials. With its central chain bucket elevators, BEUMER Group offers efficient and proven solutions even for the highest conveying capacities.

belt bucket elevators

High-capacity belt bucket elevators are used for all floury and small-sized bulk materials, e.g. raw meal, cement, grits, sand, concentrated ores, etc. Conveying heights of up to 175 metres have been realised (for information: ACC, India).

Bucket widths of 160 to 2,000 mm are available for a finely graduated adaptation to the conveying capacity. A special bucket design is used for particularly light-weight materials, making the construction as efficient as possible.

bucket elevators

Heavy-duty bucket elevators have been developed from belt bucket elevators and are specially designed for coarse, highly abrasive bulk materials. HD bucket elevators can transport piece sizes up to 120 mm.

By using a specifically designed BEUMER Group steel wire belt, HD bucket elevators enable maximum conveying heights and conveying capacities. They are particularly suitable as recirculation units behind high-pressure roller mills, which are increasingly used for pre-grinding in the cement and ore sector.

Furthermore, the special design of the HD bucket elevator enables the highest conveying capacities for coal and similar products. For this sector, the HD bucket elevators can also be offered in an explosion-proof version.

Chain bucket

The traditional chain bucket elevator is designed with a double-strand round steel link chain (marine chain). This type is mainly used as an efficient solution for coarse, highly abrasive materials in the low to medium capacity range. It is also suitable for conveying hot bulk material.

Special versions, as for example central discharge bucket elevators, can be designed according to customers' requirements.

High-capacity central
chain bucket elevators

Central chain bucket elevators have been developed from the traditional bucket elevators and enable high conveying capacities with large centre distances.

High-capacity chain bucket elevators with central chain are particularly suitable for the transport of hot, granular and abrasive bulk material. In the cement industry BEUMER central chain bucket elevators are used, among others, for the vertical transport of hot, abrasive clinker, silo feed and in clinker milling systems.

Their reliability and long service life mean economic benefits for our customers, resulting from the use of BEUMER Group technology.

At a

  • Large conveying heights > 175 m are feasible
  • Conveying capacities of up to 1,800 m3/h are possible
  • Maximum wear resistance even with highly abrasive materials
  • Transport of high-temperature bulk material
  • Special versions for ATEX requirements or for similar applications in potentially explosive areas are possible

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