The Baggage Manipulator is a highly efficient semi-automated loading device developed to enable the introduction of ‘lean principles’ and improved ergonomics within the baggage handling process in the airport. It enables cost-efficient, semi-automatic loading of baggage into ULDs, trolleys, carts or other containers.

BEUMER Baggage Manipulator

The Baggage Manipulator minimises the risk of injury to operators caused by repetitive or heavy lifting and also reduces the risk of damage to baggage items. Reduced manual handling also increases overall security and reduces the risk of human error.

A single operator can control the flow of each batch of baggage items into the container by moving the ramp to deliver each item to the next loading position using a simple joystick. The Baggage Manipulator easily integrates into existing systems, and it can enable shorter time frames for loading which allow the baggage operators to handle a higher number of items quickly and reliably.

  • High-efficiency baggage loading
  • Optimises the baggage handling process
  • Joystick control - simple and easy to master
  • Simple and easy operation by one person
  • Suitable for loading all kinds of baggage items into ULDs or other containers

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