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Storage & Warehouse technology

Dusty cement or large-grain clinker brick, shoe boxes or flight luggage - every commodity, every raw material and every product requires suitable storage technology that is tailored to the product characteristics and moved with the correct form of transport. As part of intralogistics, in-house storage systems include the storage facility, the type of storage and the conveyor technology for moving the goods. With our know-how we develop solutions for the cement and chemical industry, for the e-commerce and fashion industry, for airports and for your individual requirements.

Storage Systems for Raw Materials, Products and Airline luggage

Definition of storage technology

Storage technology is required for the storage and transport of goods, commodities and raw materials within an operating facility. In the first place, storage technology refers to the entire storage equipment such as shelving and racking systems. To this belongs, shelf racks, pallet racks, mobile racks, flow racks, storage platforms, cantilever racks and containers for items that are difficult to stack. The transport equipment for conveying the goods such as forklifts, belt conveyors, roller conveyors and robots are also part of the storage technology. The properties of the raw material or the goods determine the type of storage and specify the technical leeway. Flat goods storage, long goods storage or shelf-less bulk storage are common examples. In cooperation with packaging technology, storage technology ensures a sustainable supply chain and creates clarity and order in internal warehouses. Finally, operating equipment such as EDP systems, warehouse management systems, measuring, counting and weighing devices complete the warehouse technology.

Early baggage storage systems at the airport

Also known as Early Baggage Storage (EBS), the early baggage storage systems store bags and suitcases that are checked in numerous hours before departure. The temporary buffering of luggage can be done on conveyor belts or in the rack-based CrisStore® storage system. This system offers a space-saving design for low storage costs and 100% traceability (tracking) of the baggage items.

Flexible storage and retrieval systems for the e-commerce industry

Efficient use of space in warehouses reduces storage costs and improves the e-commerce business. With our solutions, we make optimal use of the space available. It doesn’t matter whether you use cardboard boxes, pallets, containers or trays. With the aid of automation, manual handling is reduced to a minimum.

Warehouse management systems for the chemical industry

For the control of complex logistics and warehouse processes, we have developed user-friendly warehouse management systems. Due to their flexibility and performance, they can be adapted to the most diverse requirements and specifications of the field of business. With our software developments, you have a view on all processes all of the time.