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Automated Container Handling System

The Automated Container Handling System solution is a driverless system designed to facilitate the seamless movement of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) within the confines of the airport.

Automated Container Handling
Automated Container Handling System for Airports

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ULD container automation

We offer a fully automated container handling system for transport, loading, parking or maintenance of full and empty ULD containers.

Our container handling equipment is configured as a single loop or as a number of interconnected loops to cover multiple building levels.

The wireless controls software communicates in real time with each ULD carrier and the destination. The position and progress of each ULD carrier istracked real-time to ensure 100% traceability.

Automating the container handling process provides enhanced ULD handling quality by reducing the incident rate (IR) while also increasing productivity and process reliability.


  • Automated transportation of containers between locations
  • Reduced ergonomic risks
  • Enhanced control, traceability and security
  • Minimizes human error to reduce lost or mislaid bags
  • Integration within existing or new systems
  • Suitable for all types of container



From advanced automation capabilities to real-time tracking and traceability, here’s why our automated container handling system is the ideal choice for enhancing your airport operations.

Flexible Configuration Options

At BEUMER Group, we offer flexible configuration options for our container handling system. Whether configured as a single loop or as interconnected loops spanning multiple building levels, our systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of each airport facility.

Real-Time Communication and Tracking

Our container handling systems feature wireless controls software that enables real-time communication with each ULD carrier and its destination. This ensures precise tracking of the position and progress of every ULD carrier, providing 100% traceability throughout the baggage transportation process.

Enhanced Quality and Productivity

By automating the container handling process, our systems deliver enhanced ULD handling quality while simultaneously reducing incident rates. This results in increased productivity, process reliability, and overall efficiency within the airport environment.

Automated Container Handling System for transport of ULDs between destinations inside the airport.

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