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BEUMER Group launches new 24/7 Customer Diagnostic Center to support customers

  • Courier, Express & Parcel (CEP)
  • E-Commerce
  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • IMPROVE efficiency and system performance through real-time data insights
  • PREVENT unplanned downtime by anticipating failing machines and components
  • ENSURE a customer site is quickly up and running again, using the emergency hotline


Beckum, 20 March 2024 – BEUMER Group has launched a new Customer Diagnostic Center, where 100 specialists help logistics and e-commerce customers implement continuous improvement practices based on advanced data models. Driving innovation is the company’s motivation behind the Customer Diagnostic Center. The specialists have proven expertise in deploying machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence on customer sites.


The Diagnostic Services are structured into categories that will improve overall system performance and efficiency, prevent unplanned downtime due to software failures or security breaches, and provide a 24/7 Hotline in case of emergency to get operations up and running again quickly. In addition, customers can commission a deep dive analysis of their operations, from which the BEUMER specialists can make recommendations for immediate improvements.

Commenting on the launch, Christian Buhrmann, Head of Digital Solutions at BEUMER Group Customer Diagnostic Center, explains: “Automation is creating vast amounts of data that can help us work faster and smarter, but many companies do not have the necessary time or resources to analyse it all and derive the potential benefits. Using our new Customer Diagnostic Center, BEUMER Group customers can take advantage of a whole range of digital services to improve business health and diagnostics, making it easy to gain the operational and maintenance insights they need to continuously improve performance and gain a competitive advantage.”


BEUMER Group defines three main service categories to support customer sites:

Improvement services provide Site Insights using innovative techniques to deliver full transparency of site performance, enabling customers to make data driven decisions. Diagnostic models continuously check the operational health of the site and identify any developing issue before it becomes serious. Customer data models are updated 24/7, and used to spot adverse trends and take targeted countermeasures that will help to improve efficiency and reduce costs. One example is the automatic analysis of discharge failures to identify the causes and reduce the number of items entering the discharge chute. In some instances, the Customer Diagnostic Center reduced the number of rejects by more than 70 percent. At system component level, continuous monitoring of operational parameters such as vibration and temperature can spot anomalies that could be an early indication that a part or machine is beginning to fail. Thanks to monitoring and early, proactive contact by the Customer Diagnostic Center, customers can apply a condition-based maintenance strategy, which optimises uptime.

Prevention services focus on Security Management to keep customer systems secure, and software fully updated. A dynamic security health view is made by using advanced analytic models together with proven top tier cyber security services. Both hardware and software can be vulnerable to failure caused by external factors. “Everything with an IP address can be accessed, so constant vigilance is necessary to keep your systems secure,” says Christian. BEUMER Group’s Customer Diagnostic Center conducts 24/7 monitoring that can implement critical software updates and security patches to maintain the highest levels of cyber security in compliance with NIS2 Regulations, minimising the risks caused by software errors and malware.

Ensurance services against worst-case scenarios are offered via a proactive 24/7 Global Hotline which is staffed by BEUMER Group’s expert engineers. Customers will always deal directly with the expert who is familiar with their site and who can offer fast and professional assistance to get operations up and running again in the minimal amount of time. The expert engineers not only work on resolving any crisis, but also provide a root cause analysis afterwards, so that the customer can make data-driven decisions to effect improvements.