The solution to small and difficult parcels in CEP distribution centres

The BG Pouch System® brings forward a solution to the challenges that CEP operators are facing: an increase in small and difficult parcels which take up a lot of valuable space on conventional sortation systems.

How the BG Pouch System can help CEP operators handle the e-commerce boom

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Optimising the last mile

The BG Pouch system provides much needed help in optimising and automating aspects of last mile delivery. Taking advantage of a matrix sortation solution, the BG Pouch System allows for sequence sortation, meaning that parcels will be discharged to the chute in the order of the given driver’s route. This allows for an optimal packing order with the first parcel in the car being the last parcel on the delivery route.

Two systems taking the space of one

The BG Pouch System can relieve the main, conventional sortation system from small and irregular parcels, all without requiring extra floor space, as the pouch system can be suspended in the air above the traditional equipment. The addition of a pouch system reduces the need for an increase in capacity on the floor-level system as small parcels will no longer circulate the loop, freeing up space for bigger parcels.

User friendly system with flexible integration

The BG Pouch system allows for automatic pouch induction and unloading for CEP operations, removing the necessity for manual induction of parcels into the pouch system and unloading of the system, increasing throughput by automating these processes.

With flawless integration into already existing controls, the BG Pouch System is highly flexible with regards to its capability of sorting small and difficult parcels such as envelopes, blister packets, soft packets, cylinders and small packets, all of which require alternative handling.

The system can contain parcels as small as 50x50x1mm to as big as 550x430x180mm, with weight spanning from 20g to 7kg. The system has a capacity of over 10,000 parcels/hour per module. This solution allows CEP operators to achieve small-parcel handling with very few manual item touches and higher throughput with very little use of floor-space.

  • Simplified process reduces touches per parcel for handling and sortation
  • Multi-purpose system for both buffering, sorting and sequencing
  • Controls integrated into existing controls system, optimising handling of small parcels
  • 7kg pouch capacity
    Handles wide mix of small and difficult parcels
  • Scalable system providing throughput of 10,000 pouches/hour per sortation module

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